East Africa Warranty

Cheki, I bought a Galaxy A30 phone at some walalo, kitu 18k when it was new new safaricom was selling it for 27 k the dual SIM option. So no brainier I opted to buy it there.
It’s genuine and it receives regular OTA updates & patches.
Shida Ni ati it fell hard and the screen went black rendering it unusable nimepeleka pale Hilton kwa authorized repair center and the guy took it keyed in the IMEI in his computer and said he can’t fix it sijui anga it was not meant for the East African Market Mimi sasa i’m shocked like how can they refuse to fix an original device na si eti napeleka claiming warranty, instead I’m paying for the service. Na vile economy Ni mbaya. Walikuwa wanadai 9k.
Huko luthuli they quoting way less but najua wataweka cheap low quality colour washed lcd screens. Hapo Samsung I’m sure wangeniekea a genuine one and also offered a limited warranty on the part.
So mkae mkijua if you buy Grey market stuff and they spoil you’re on your own. Either you ship on eBay and do a DIY fix or upeleke quacks luthuli.
Anyway, is there an established shop where I can get the screen replaced with a genuine high quality one in Nairobi. I’m not ready to let go this phone

These phones are usually meant for arab markets. To help u just go to any arab league jurisdiction …starting with eastleigh then south C

Try flashing a new stock rom

Buy another phone. There are some quacks hapo Norwich Building opposite Hilton wanaitwa Computer Springs! Wueh! Wezi kabisa. Usidhubutu. Na kila ukinunua simu uliza waranty kama ni valid and ask the dealer to register the phone on Samsung immediately. Ikikataa kuregister, tembeza.

Slight crack on the screen haiwaki but it’s fully ok calls zinaingia na alarm bado ina lia
Kama ni software I would have already fixed it

Screen is damaged. Stock rom ya?


Yeah figured that Hadi my TV is a Sony and has warranty for those middle East markets
Kwani huwa hawalipi tax juu price difference huwa kubwa sana
Kwanza ukiangalia the LG brandshop prices huwa unachoka

A broken screen will not be replaced under warranty. So you will have to pay for it, and those makarim guys will replace if you are paying, regardless of where you bought it as long as it is a genuine Samsung.
The cheaper screen is for many who do not have the full amount for the genuine screen.
Lastly, the price difference for Dubai vs east Africa Samsung’s is sometimes very huge especially for higher end models. Your A30 had a 9k difference. An 80k model will have over 20k.

Kama siyo samsung repair shop, usikubali hiyo cheaper screen. Watakula hiyo pesa na waharibu kitu ingine kwa simu ndio urudi. Thieves, I tell you.

You are wrong. There are many genuine and serious guys who operate serious phone repair shops and provide better warranties than Samsung.
Two come to mind.
Phones and tablets
Wefix tech.
Google their contacts and visit them.
With globalization and free market economy, a big company like Samsung should not exploit it’s east African customers. Infact the it’s phones should be subsidized here.
Stop being taken advantage of.

I am just trying to advise a guy. I dont know wefix na phone tablet, but he should avoid Computer Springs like the plague. Akisikia “cheaper screen” ajue ataumia. Afadhali anunue simu ingine. I have not found Samsung to be exploitative. It is a free world, of course those who have cost issues with brands like Samsung are free to buy Chinese brands.


I know what a warranty covers. They said they only repair Samsung phones which are meant for East Africa Market. In short walikataa pesa

Almost all the other big names have a uniform global price with a variance of less than 10%. Why not Samsung?

Mkubwa there’s a reason why phones are expensive pale Naivacom or safcom shop. Huwezi jiuliza ni kwa nini? Now you know! Electronics chukua supermarket, yes expensive but very genuine. You will never regret!

Then just walk to phones and tablets and experience superb services. you will not have to beg to spend your hard earned money.

Toyota Crown has similar specs with Mercedes e Class. Those prefer Crown they buy it. Those who prefer e Class, they buy it. The “cost variance” >10%, but you find a mongo buying the Mercedes. Why? Taste yake iko hivyo tu.

I’ll fucking do it again (buying from somalis )
Issue here is not genuine/ counterfeit
Ni after market support.
In Kenya we pay a premium for tech which is not good alafu watu waongeze exorbitant prices just to assure consumers like you “peace of mind”
Juzi tu nimepeleka morio akabuy JBL 5.1 sound bar, a store in TRM had it at 111k
The Somali’s stock it for 80k.
A whole 31 k
Kama Kuna supermarket naweza buy Electronics Ni Carrefour they have competitive prices.

Nunua screen alibaba ama banggood upelekee fundi akuwekee.

Your true friends are Ethiopians and Qatar and Turkey. Waarabu sio marafiki za wasomali