Earning From YouTube

Does this really happen? Is it true or just a fallacy?

Traffic ndio kila kitu, if the video goes viral you can make a lot.For instance did you know:

Psy’s hit pop song Gangnam Style has reportedly made more than $8 million from YouTube alone. The clip is already the most watched video on the service; it earned that title back in November when the song topped a hit from Justin Bieber. The news was made official by Google’s chief business officer Nikesh Arora following Google’s fourth quarter 2012 earnings,

Ukicite a source remember to change the years too

$8 million si bado ni $8 million doesn’t make a difference.

Lets say I have a video I know will attract traffic where do I start?

@Mundu Mulosi Open a youtube channel, if you have a google account you already have a youtube account.Upload the video and select “enable adsense” , then sit back and relax.Make sure it’s your content otherwise copyright will catch up with you, also ensure it’s in line with youtube’s terms and guidelines, “NO Porn”.

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So what does adsense do? Who pays and at what point?