Earn from Answering people

Guys there is this website… where you get paid for Answering peoples Question , when i say that i mean after you set up your account you specify where your specialty is web design, blockchain stuff, programmer, Marketer etc. Then you set your price which when one contacts you he has to pay that…

i thought it was scam earlier na nkalenga surveys mob but nlikua nmeboeka nkaanza kuzijaza mara pap nliwithdraw 5$ Asap via bitcoins.

as for me they pay me i join there Telegram groups and Airdrops… As it is They earn more if i join there airdrops…

site ndio hio. https://earn.com/rasmoat/referral/?a=w1l77wxdr72vr1vk

join nipate 1$ upate 1$…

. if it proves to be fake kuja nikulipe for the time you wasted…

Wale mnajiskia kunitusi Am quiet. Thats sort of freelancing site someone contacts you and he pays you.

nitarudi kusoma comments…


If this is true stop wasting time here. Go back and answer the questions.

As he said

nawaletea proofs ukiwa na any doubt uliza.

[ATTACH=full]160644[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]160643[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]160642[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]160641[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]160640[/ATTACH]

i have answered All… in this week ave earned a total of 7$. better than street bees and as it is Sio free money ni free lancing infact i am just monitoring and soon al join Airdrops and create A tg channel na niweke 100$ za kulipa watu huko earn. if someone joins my tg. channel and joins my Airdrops i will get more than you can imagine

All the best in your venture

Thanks for sharing, you are answering questions from which field?

U don’t want to ask you a question lest you ask for payment!

About three year ago you were here again talking about how you are going to make bitcoin money. First update us what progress/money you made on that front before we can even consider this one.

Kwanza Mimi nimeachia hapo penye anasema payment ni bitcoins

@Ras-Moat mimi hukushuku sana

Ingia hapa hiyo stuff ni njaa tupu.[ATTACH=full]160651[/ATTACH]

If only mngemsikiza… Back then BTC was cheap

Ras ni msee mpoa. He likes sharing what he learns with others. Sijawahi ona mtu akicomplain that Ras amemcon or lied to them

blockchain and instagram advertisement


si nilisema hapa and i sent even A screenshot of my wallet balance ama? I have more than 200k on my wallet


ani ziko na shida gani si unaeza uzia tu mtu