Early symptoms of HIV in men


Why wait for symptoms when you can just be sure by early testing

Just go and see a damn doctor to know your fate early!!

Some of these videos are plain useless. Just condomize and preferably serve one woman. Test for HIV if you intend to make a baby and do this within the require period… then be faithful to the baby making partner… you are likely to have a symptom that is a sign for dozens of conditions… if you feel unwell, visit a physician…

I totally agree that we should abstain from unprotected sex at all times and as our God has indicated stick to a lady and live with her. The biggest issue is mainly women and men who don’t respect their feelings and look only for pleasure!

Be faithful to the baby making partner. I wish you just had a small idea of how promiscuous your baby making machines are and as you know it’s only pregnancy they fear once they are on birth control it’s a free for all. No holds barred. New HIV infections should give you an idea how bad this your advice is if you are in Kenya. Baby making machines and their proprietors have higher susceptibility than gey men and prostitutes COMBINED. You condomise with MWK when the real Trojan pardon the pun is your baby maker. Married people in Kenya are too promiscuous. Including women.

It’s true that HIV is a big problem in Kenya. What I don’t get though is why so many doctors get to judge.I really don’t get why people go through such situations in our era where doctors should be much more flexible and modern and respect any condition and what it can create as a new norm for the patient. That’s one of the reasons I stopped attending any medical facility as the awkwardness of having to face doctors and nurses in the same room is becoming more and more unbearable. If you ask me, I’d rather use https://www.prescriptiondoctor.com/ where there is zero judgment, and you get to know in detail everything you need about any disease!