Eagle attack

Man getting attacked by a fully grown Kazakhstan Eagle.

Hii bisha niliona Mara ya kwanza 2008

mmmmh so who won?


no threshold involved?

Look at the way it’s claws are firmly held on his jacket.It looked like it wanted to lift him and fly while carrying him.I think he did something to it.They don’t attack for no reason.


He was taking pictures that annoyed the eagle

He was taking pictures without asking the eagle first.Invasion of privacy.The eagle will sue him.:smiley:

Nah…Mr Eagle already took matters into his own hands, I mean talons so I bet the matter was settled

Then they went to the nearest joint and drank two bottles each while making jokes about the incident.

These eagles carry small goats away, God forbid you take your small child anywhere around them. Utakuwa ukipiga nduru as the eagle dissappears over the cliff carrying your child.

kwani alikuwa anachukua nudes za eagle?

Nowadays you have a very dirty mind.

We humans are terrestrial. Any aerial attack is lethal. I’ve seen documentaries where an eagle carries a full grown mountain goat and drops it on the rocks below :supper is served

Moral of the story?

hio Otenga ikuje ijaribu hio ujinga kwetu kimilili tunaikula supper jioni .


ni Ndege brare fukin sana,kuna zilikuwa zimeniamulia nikiwa mtoi

Hii ikinijaribu, nanyonga tuu

hiyo kunguru ni deadly