Dynasties Must be Very Afraid

Dynasties must be very AFRAID. Juzi heard Jaruos wakisifu Ruto in Kisumo, I was shocked! That said, Raila, Uhuru, Mudavadi, Kalonzo, Joho, and their allies wakiungana, Ruto won’t be president. When the rubber hits the road, it’s money, ethnicity, ‘the system’, and established political networks that matter. Musiongee mambo ya bi-elections, those are largely shaped by local issues…

I suspect many of those who’re joining Tanga Tanga, like Sonko, only intend to use their ‘hustler tag’ as a bargaining chip when the big boys finally start buying players…

Jaruo is a Nilot, and Luto is also a Nilote, one strong bloodline, Jaruos saying Ruto is good is like you telling your cousin he or she is good

Oppose anything in Kenya and you are famous, Ni hayo tu!!!, if Ruto accidentally wins in 2022, the same PUSSY niggas cheering him on will start talking about making a mistake. Why should you keep on making mistakes in your life NKT

Let’s be realistic. The fact that the economy is in shambles will be a strategic advantage to Luto, blame every bad thing is the dynasties and you are home and dry. In centro can’t convince the old people otherwise, was in Kondele Kisumo for business and they were like this time we need husler mwezetu. Ni hayo tu kwa sasa, mimi ni Dynasty Ktalk Birrionare,hope huslers mtanikumbuka 2024 mkiwa power

njeribootiez AKA brownchiethAhai the attention harlot leo osha kundu uikaushe hapo nje kwa jua …
unaanza kusumbua na umeffi day1?

Dynasties tuko strong apantambua hasoras

Ruto Hadi state house

Hii mwaka ndio itaamua

Ruto is going nowhere.

Truth is Konyagi family is our main problem n root cause of poor leadership in Kenya
The rest are bought n used to protect them.
We need to liberate ourselves ASAP.
That is the only time politics n leadership will b competitive n policy based.
Other wise ni kupangwa in tribe groups for their own selfishness.
That’s how it has been as it was founded n established by Konyagi old geezer

And WSR is probably saving that silver bullet as the coup de grace, because if truth be told when it comes to Dynasties rhetoric the Konyagi1’s are numero uno.

The big boys have lost t power. Come 2022 their endorsement for MP senator MCA governor will mean nothing

He is still in government and he contributed immensely to our problem. The hustler narrative will soon overtake him