Dynasties & Hustlers Aside. Kwani Kenya Ni Ya Kabila Mbili?

It Started with Kenyatta then Moi then Kibaki, Kenyatta Jnr and now eti Ruto. Kwani a Turkana cannot lead this nation ama a Pokot?

Ye Kenya ni kabila mbili. The Rich & The Poor

That is the same question we the rest of Kenyans have been asking. However, a bonobo-in-chief like you who supported Kibaki (not bad) and went ahead to vote for an incompetent weed smoker Muthamaki rat has no business talking about tribalism. You had an option of voting for either RAILA (Luo) or KALONZO (Kamba) in 2007. IN 2013, you had an option of voting for MUDAVADI (Luhya), DIDA (Somali) or KIYIAPI (Maasai). In 2017, you had an option of voting AUKOT (Turkana). So, shut your stinking mouth you Bonobo-in-chief. Takataka wewe.


First, the last time a Kalenjin VIED for presidency was 23 years ago (1997, DTM). We have had four elections in-between and any other tribe would have become president if they wanted.

Secondly , Federalism could have partially solved the problem of tyranny of numbers ; whereby two communities with large population have immense powers over national politics. BUT y’all will reject it!

Third, Kalenjins or Kikuyus are Kenyans and have a right to vie for presidency in 2022, just like everyone else. You sell your ideas and seek the presidecy like everyone else.

who has stopped them from becoming?


Ethnicity is a useless metric, the sooner we stop caring about candidates ethnicity the sooner we get ourselves our very own Lee Juan Yew

once jowie exits the scene and hopefully carry with him his fellowship, then we will be willing to take the risk of voting the best rather than to avoid a total disaster

Hustler Vs dynasty thearatrics ni signs jubilee hasn’t achieved anything in the 8-9 years of power.

If you take a look at court suspects you may realize a shocking fact, greediness is not subject to kikuyu and kalenjin tribes.
Grow up

All Kenyan tribes support majimbo its only the ones with the national government which are afraid of losing

The meat eaters have a mental code thirikari citu you won’t here them saying thirikari cia kenya