What’s this? [ATTACH=full]132007[/ATTACH]

Ebu fanya magnification to the power of 10… Then post again.

kama sioni chochote kwa laptop i am wondering wale wako kwa fon wanasema nini…

apa nimekula vitu za @Fala 12 lakini ninaonna ni differentiayion of dx in respect to rx

it us a an equation of order 1 degree 1. Munaoje?i

is equal to d over r…

Kijana naona unafanyiana assignment.
Kujengana muhimu lakini

thats a dr in respect to xx which means that once money is debited(dr) sex (xx)will ussually occur.

If a surgical wound turns aseptic but later heals after medication. …is there a chance of bacteria remaining in the blood stream and later cause serious illness. Time frame 1yr.

umeuma nje vinaya sana. Nugu

will depebnd on rate of decay which is directly propotional to rate of decay

Cloaca wewe

gatitira wewe

That’s a complete blood profile… I can’t see the values clearly hence can’t provide a differential dx

DX ni diagnosis na TX ni treatment…terms we use in d doctor’s plaza

sounds like an doctors’ plaza…

if those are ur blood sample’s biochemistry lab results; there are two things involved, u should b dead or u r a vampire