DVBT2 is now official world wide

[li]The world switches to full digital broadcast tonight as the deadline states…the funny thing is no station out there is transmitting in HD even the 720p…our terrestrial broadcasters have a long way to go. Glorious HD content inour region is availiable only on satelite and believe you me ukiona hio huwess watch ingine, ata kaa nikurudia movie mara kumi. and one thing ive noted the bigger the hd tv the better. get 40 inch and above to enjoy full HD. hizi zingine ni hekaya tu.[/li][/ol]


Maybe the equipment required to broadcast HD terrestrial is too expensive?

I normally watch 1080p movies on a 32 inch… en picture quality iz simply amazing…so hapo kwa 40 inch en above hatukubaliani…

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Unless you sit 1.37m from your TV. That’s when your enjoying 1080p. IMHO 32" screens are best for desktop monitors.


As @Meria Mata says the bigger the better


Some countries use different DVB systems. North America uses ATSC, Korea uses ATSC, Japan and most of Latin America have ISDB system, Most of Europe uses DVB-T/T2, Asia is mixed, both DVB-T2, China DMTB,


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Sasa sisi watu wa former Greatwall tunafall wapi?

4k ultra hd ndio mambo yote

1 movie 32gb, this won’t be practicable in a while. A 1tb external can only carry 30such movies, mhhhh

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hio hata downloading ni stress


Where Do you buy or download 4k content

What’s your typical viewing distance?

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and then there is that, TV manufacturers are happy to market 4k since its easy, but they don’t explain the nuances that you need to get the real experience

Exactly. Just like the LED hype.

Nauza hii 32 inch yangu ninunue 40 ama 42/43

ati 32" ni poa ya desktop woi , yangu nikitaja size si ntaambiwa ni best ya side mirror


Hehehe…there’s a saying in vernacular, mtu hujikuna mahali anafikia. We all begin from somewhere. Mimi nilianza na 14" Sony Trinitron.

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definately bt ths guys wakishafika they start belittling others , kila mtu ako na mashida zake n some pple sacrifice alot to get wht they want,

sasa ukipitia izo vitu zote then uambiwe ivo si utajiona ovyo sana…cjui mbona nimecatch ivo na si mimi nimeambiwa

Relax mblo, have a chuckle and proceed. It’s never that serious. Watu ni tofauti. Some were born with silver spoons in their mouths, some with wooden ones and yet some with no spoons at all but had to fashion them from our own fingers.

Of course, there also are those who thrive in belittling others. In short, it’s a jungle out here. See it for what it is.


I can just imagine myself playing GTA 5 on it. This would become relevant…