Dunia Simama Nishuke

Picture this.

A guy suspects his wife is cheating on him with another man (man is unknown to the guy). Guy does his CSI and gets the online identity of the guy, checks up his friends, identifies the wife and befriends her. They relate since they have a common problem and decide to outdo their partners. The jamaa catches the wife and the whole things explodes. They decide to settle the matter amicably by each divorcing the partner and taking the new partner.

The above is based on a true story of the life of my very close friend. Happening now as I write this.


na hii hapa


Fools will mark time throughout their lifetime !

But the exact same thing happened I think in Kakamega not so long ago and the two fools ended up exchanging wives though there’s one who later felt he had been shortchanged.


Ngoja tufike stage ushuke makanjo wako area

:D:D alikuwa ana kula kitu mzee ameacha minji minji kwa hao vile aliona minji minji wake anakuliwa… hio nilicheka sana.


These two couples are agemates in a way. Sioni kama kuna mtu ako shortchanged

:D:Dkasee nikyau

“Dunia Simama Nishuke” :eek:

Peasant’s analogy! :smiley:

Kuna watoto?

Mimi bwana ya @DeliciousShiko akiniambia tubadilishane na @Purple yule hukuja kwa singo yangu kila siku nitakubali

Sometimes the grass always looks greener on the other side…until you get there.

Wapi rink?

:D:DAlipata mtaro?

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Mr Mureithi amekupeleka swinging sasa unatuletea hekaya?

Let us analyse that “Dunia simama nishuke” line logically.
Are you insinuating that you want the world to stop so you can alight into space or where are alighting at.
Consequently, if you were indeed alighting into space, since that is the most logical destination despite its practicality, how long would it take you to survive?
In light of that information, I would suggest you acquire the wherewithal and mental acumen to desist from using such ambiguous and lazy terms.
I would suggest, in the humblest of terms, acha umama, baga!!


Wherewithal manade!

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seconded! Tampon ivaliwe

some pple’s sense of humor ni kama ya corpse.