Dunia imekwisha!; These are definitely the last days!..

Cheki hii story hapa.
I had a friend of mine who was one of those guys who see things in a very radical and philosophical way (especially when he smoked weed) But he once told me that one day in our generation,in our lifetime,Paedophillia is going to be legalised as a “Human right” for a small minority who will have it passed as Law by electing Politicians who were influential and wealthy and of the same inclination.
I have never had any problem with Gay people because i believe that “abnormalities” in the Genetic make up of the X and Y chromosomes could occur etc…
But This Here;! This is the Stuff of Sodom and Gomorrah.


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The heck! Sodom and Gomorrah: The sequel. Sasa huwa anatamani ile sehemu alitokea akajoin humanity? Ala.

Blacks are most fucked up of the generation. Incest iko, and has been there. Earth will abort mossion and run towards pluto that day when incest will become none issue and legal in few retard states.

wuuuwi noma sana io God forbid


Most likely mamake alimfunza… I read a story from family magazine back in 2001, of a lady who started a lesbian relationship with her mom when she was at age of 7. Her mom would tell her to fist her, and she was then fingered, preparing her before privates were fully grown… She then explained how during high school time, her mom would visit her (visiting days) with a tent. They would camp in the field, finger each other till Kingdom come.


Kama gay rights zinakuwa recognized then tunaomba animal husbandry pia ikubaliwe. I look forward to the day when a man will be able to end a conversation with the sentence “…and now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll go home and make love to my bitch.” without being deemed to have insulted his wife.


That’s messed up. Parents perverting their kids. I hope the kid got a chance to ‘repair’ her ways later.

I know it’s a joke but I had to double check if it’s really my village god;)

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Aiih! Ata kama

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All are equal before me. Even my christian counterpart echoes my sentiments in Galatians 3:28 when he says:
There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free man, there is neither male nor female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus.

and a Kikuyu woman saying “Mûthuri wakwa nî ngui” and the statement is taken for a fact


…and this is the god I worship:)

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My threesome dreamteam

Damn straight my nigga.

ghai fafa! Ati kii?

The reason why I choose to live my life on my own terms…

Kusoma hapa comments tu, ntaita neighbor zikifika 60.

It’s important to note that the push for gay rights as fundamental human rights is the push for love between TWO CONSENTING SAME SEX HUMAN ADULTS to be accepted and formally recognized.

Please take a moment to fully digest the words I have put in caps.

The push for these rights should never be misconstrued as a push for other minority forms of human sexual expression such as paedophilia and beastiality.

That is why you will never get anybody of sound mind supporting paedophilia, for instance, because it involves sexual relations between an adult and a non-consenting non-adult i.e. an innocent child, whose innocence is shattered and childhood robbed through the forced sexual activity.

Likewise, beastiality is an infringement on animal rights because it involves sexual contact between a human adult and a non-consenting animal which is mentally incapable of consenting to sex with a human.

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