Dunia Haina Huruma

Back when I was in campus kuna crush alinionyesha madharau sana nikijaribu kutafuta slices zake. Down the line we all graduated & right now she’s a miserable ‘youtuber’ wale wa how to switch on a Casio Calculator… thanks for watching. Siku hizi ananitafuta sana, lakini hapana tambua kitu kama yeye sasa

Wueh!!! You must have been smitten kama you are still remembering her.

Tupatie link aget views mkuu.

stop being a dimwit…You can a decent living through you tube if you have good content…And by a decent living i mean anything above 70K…Achana na hustle za watu kama huwalishi…gone are the days when office jobs were idolized…

Enda usafishe rungu to soothe your ego.

Enda umkule alafu chukua simu yake chini ya maji u livestream ukimkula

Yani bado uko na grudge ya shule,Take those slices, they could be the best you’ll ever have.

Many guys have suffered from such from Campus ladies who say they don’t roll with hungry campus Boys. They need working class men. When these boys get some good jobs they go back and seduce the ladies and give merciless pounding before dumping.

Although in some private Universities unakula tu poa bila mambo. Rich girls are a source of reliefs for broke,blue balled students.

You must be very stupid to go back to campus ladies when you get serious mullah. If you really want her askie waru, tafuta some young pretty thing and party hard, news zitamfikia haraka sana.

The mentality of an infant, Still hanging on high school romance…

Dude, grow the fuck up. Some women reject you for whatever reason, you reject some because they don’t meet your standards, it’s life. A man holding on to such a petty grudge for so long only means one thing, ako na umama and he has a small penis.

:D:D:D:Dlets say your still bitter huku pata slices… Bt apana sangaa leo ana kutafuta na kesho umtafute akuokolee ka favour for either your son or daughter apo…

Please please edit that title, it is misleading, so you mean she would have dated you she would be a what now? Ghaseeer. Beta males allover seeking for validation

rudi uweke stamp halafu uingie mitini…that will reallly bruise her ego

Ulikua zeta male then kubali for closure umkule kama the alpha you are.

You give infants a bad name. Associating them with such anal retentive individuals like the OP…

Kijana amkuja kwa wazee apate msaada instead akapata ma sweeps kuruka:D:D

Hakuna msaada nilikuwa nataka. Nilikuwa natangaza taarifa za jioni

If you want revenge just seduce and smash her. Alafu si umweke wrink hapa apate likes?

Exactly. Guys with a scarcity mindset don’t understand that attention and validation are the biggest currency to women. Dudes get money and go back to smash the same chics who rejected them thiniking ni revenge. Instead you validate that chic by spending money on her and showing her she can still get you even after rejecting you previously and riding alpha cock. The best revenge is living life large and fucking younger and prettier women than her. Alafu akirudi kujaribu kukuseduce usimuonyeshe machungu za kumblock, just tell her you’re not interested cause she’s not your type, nowadays you only younger women. That shit will destroy any remaining self-esteem she had.