Duke of Busia come ujibu maswali..nini ilifanyika kwa concert ya jahcure?

Right from the start, Jah Cure got off on the wrong footing. Soon after coming on stage, Jah Cure was met with a sound glitch with his mic malfunctioning. The most annoying thing was that for almost 10 minutes he seemed not to notice until the crowd got agitated.

Once the mic had been fixed, Jah Cure sent the wild with his first words on the mic. The night looked promising. A few minutes later, he left the stage to go back stage for a change of clothes. But then he took long to get back, something that didn’t seem to please the fans.

When he got back, he only made things worse as he resorted to letting the crowd sing to his hits as he took the role of a ‘cheer leader’.

Jah Cure hardly finished performing a song. He also took considerable amount of time talking to the crowd in between his performance with “I Love you Kenya” being his pet phrase, throughout the night.
A poor stage performance by the main act, a malfunctioning sound address system and shortage of alcohol for the revelers is what summed up an overly underwhelming show.
When the supply of alcoholic drinks ran out at around 1.45am, some of the revelers resorted to shisha puffing. Still, there wasn’t enough of the banned substance to go round.

At the VIP section, many revelers kept themselves busy chewing miraa and ‘jaba’ until there was none left.
However, one thing that never seemed to ran out was weed, as thick smoke kept forming clouds over the revelers’ heads throughout the night.



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Watu wa reggae Ni maumbwa


music genre yako ni gani?

hii ni yake ako kwa hii video kwa X6 minute 1.37


Check the lips of that dude in the first pic, looks like they are made of snake skin. Fangi mbaya sana.

bike ulishona impure blood?

bado pure blood nilikua nashughulikia mungikiress fulani ya nyahururu hii weekend. wacha aende salama kwanza.

Huyo jamaa anakaa kama anavuta bush weed.

Khasia angusha hekaya. Uko na machungu mingi ni nini waras walikufanya.

Old school rock za 80s 90s 2000s

Old school bongo Ali kiba duly Sykes ,
wengine Si upuss ya SAA hii ya diamond

genge ,kapuka local ya 2000 to 2011



Reggae naskiza Ni Lucky dube , Bob Marley, don Carlos only

… and burning spear, Gregory Isaacs, Culture etc for me

Reggae kila saa na kila saa Reggae.

Kenyan sound teams are shit.

Mbona naona panyaste

ebu nipe your 3 favorite bands

Kwani hawa organizers huwa hawa test their sound systems?

Ogiek, vile umeandika genre so hiyo kichwa yako inatoa moshi?