Due to public demand, Mworia chronicles P

The big mama encounter:

So my boy takes me to some dingy club in Tao (Nai) and sells it to me like it’s the place to be. I oblige. The place was reeking of alcohol, cigarette smoke, strong cheap perfumes and freshly-fucked vaginas. I didn’t mind cos there was plenty of whites in there too most of them showing most of what they had.

Now, eight GKs later the sexual desires crept in and I felt like effing right there. Then I remembered my guy in Imenti Central constituency who really likes big momma. I’m not into big machines myself but at that point in time I decided that I wanted to know what this guy gets from these big machines that he wouldn’t look at the non plus size women even twice.
My GKs led me to the most plump whore and we agreed on a ‘till morning price’. We headed to Thika in my Japanese machine (I play my whore games far from home).

Long story short, I’ll never judge a woman for her size box this lady really scored a B+ in my book (the best grade I’ve ever awarded was an A- and only three times out of kedo 213). And the reason is that when I tried doggy my sick came out twice (not her fault but blame must be assigned). I really feel sorry for people with small dicks and who try to hit fat ass chic’s doggy style.

Conclusion: Body size does not affect performance in bedminton

Huezi post kitu cha maana?

Mbona @SnazzyKenyan amesema hivyo hapo juu?

Utaambiwa na huyu hapo chini

How old are you? Sounds like you are a bit green behind the ears.

The term is ‘wet behind the ears’. Never heard of yours

nugu ni nugu tu


sports inaingilia wapi

Sexercise. Dah!

People with small dicks really Catching Feelings. I’m sorry guys. One day you’ll grow up

nimeamini sasa bangi imepunguka bei.