Due Diligence Is ...

To know that survival in the wheel-well of a jet-liner after an 8 hour journey is pretty much impossible.

[SIZE=7][B]Flight From Nairobi Ends in Tragedy For Man Hiding in Landing Gear[/B][/SIZE]

Even if he survived the journey, he wouldn’t have walked off Heathrow airport without being apprehended. 0% chance. It’s sad.

Being apprehended is not an issue, it’s the goal. Stowaways deliberately carry no ID because once they ask for asylum, nobody can establish where to send them back.

Wrong move. Kenya cooperates with THE UK. Even without ID, a simple fingerprint detail will be searched on Kenya ID database. If he was Kenyan and made the miracle to survive the journey, angerudishwa faster kuliko hio red card ya harambee stars.

How did he find himself at such a place without being detected by the security at the airport? Suppose this guy implanted dangerous stuff like explosives and such?

Alifanya deal ama aliingia ki ktalk CSI

Now the security in JKIA, is in question. Let’s see what happens now…

We can not afford to have such incidents we have too much to lose

Just my concern too. Angekuwa al shababe ingekuwa ni story ingine. The big question is alifikaje hapo

Don’t worry, Kenya security wise when it comes to airports, we stand up almost up there with the big boys.
Ukitembea to some countries, you’ll notice that.
Such incidents however are very bad for us, especially considering we got the JFK route just recently.
Do you know British Airways and some airlines, do not accept any cargo that has transit through sudan and this is pre protest.

Every refugee knows that no country (except rogue states) is allowed to reject an asylum seeker at sight. They must be received, interviewed and processed.

And returned. Does the old age adage of chewing your passport work in the UK? Or Norway?

To these people, it is a gamble and being returned is part of the risks. Not having papers can complicate the identification and repatriation.

I suspect that it is getting harder to remain in the UK, but that applies to most of Europe.

Reminds me of 1000 ways to die.

Now… no comment

Someone probably lied to him.

I never knew that.

It has not stopped Kenyans, Ethiopians or Somalis from getting asylum

US Sanctions

USA will downgrade JKIA