Dude slaps Governor Shebesh style.

Over there in the East.


Some people don’t buy sh!t, wish we as Kenyan had balls, Politician stand on the stage , talks BS, and his ass get roasted

Balls don’t stop bullets

Our leaders do what they do because they know we don’t have balls.

Easy to say that from the comfort of your couch in America. It’s a different story for someone in Kenya listening to a politician surrounded by several dozen heavily armed police officers.

At times you don’t even to violent towards them. Just give them a blackout and call them out.

:D:D:D At 0:09 the slapper appears to ask "Hii in upuss gani unaongea kwa microphone sasa? "

Lakini this religion wont move with times?

Thanx mkwas for your good imagination,

Remember that " NO BOARDING" saga at JKIA???

The cabin stoward missed the mother opportun

Anytime you see a kenyan leader addressing a crowd, there are usually a hired bunch of brainless bouncers strategically positioned on standby for any eventualities. Ukijaribu utajipata morgue, or ukiwa lucky admitted with several fructures.

Muslims hawalalishangi vita. If you cross them wanakumalisia hapo hapo.

He was not happy that a male medical worker vaccinated his wife

Bitch slap swafi kabisa…