Dude Slapped Silly...Wanna Sue Utumishi Kwa Wote.

August 8 at 12:35 PM
Video of former Gatanga North MP Clement Waibara being slapped by a traffic policeman. :D:D:D


As per Cyprian, Is Nyakundi:

This is impunity of the highest order and the said officer should be arrested for assault. Shame!
We thought it had transformed from the Kenya Police Force to the Kenya Police Service. But that’s not the case.
And weren’t police ordered not to mount road-blocks anymore?

Context… Before we start commenting out of emotions

That guy looks drunk. Wish I was that cop. That drunk mungiki angeniletea hio mdomo yake I could have spat saliva on my hand then rub it in ndio ikuwe moto…give a guy one hot slap aanguke naoko kwa mvua. Then jump on him akiwa hapo chini and give him one two one two WWE style punches …
Alafu nikaache hapo

Camera ya 0.002 megapixels, hapa itakua ngumu kuelewa kinachoendelea.

I don’t think there’s anything funny there. A police officer assaulting a motorist on the streets, regardless of what theotorist said should lead to a jail term for that cop. What if the former MP had been armed?

I think you assholes ought to be slapped some more being an ass to people on minimal salary and excessive working hours!

Hio videoshop can’t be adduced in court . accept and move on

That guy looks drunk…maybe alitusi the cop who might have had a long hectic day on that stretch …

These traffic cops can sometimes be a pain in the ass. Though I suspect the former MP had been a nuisance to be slapped.

He is a former Gatundu North mp, not Gatanga north

The former MP for Gatundu south aka dereva mûrefi should have been the one slapped ten times.

It’s not good for anybody to be assaulted lakini my love for MPigs is at rock bottom.

I hear this former MP was asking for directions to Kenyatta National Hospital. He must have been very drunk.

Give me Racism anyday of the week.
In the unlikely event that a white cop does this to a black guy, we know it’s Racism.
How do you explain your own treating you with so much contempt in your own country???..

“They say that it’s the white man I should fear, but it’s my own kind doing all the killing here.” - Tupac Shakur

Maybe it was stage managed??? Hawa ma former huwa na madeni mingi sana

https://mobile.nation.co.ke/counties/nairobi/Traffic-officer-slaps-ex-Gatundu-MP-Waibara/3112260-5227844-item-1-cyurmiz/index.html ndio hio context hapo.though the story is one-sided, traffic cops are bad news.