Dubai creates rain

Scientists in the United Arab Emirates are working towards new methods of weather manipulation in an attempt to bring increased rainfall to the desert country—and so far, it appears the efforts have been successful. The cloud seeding operation, which uses electrical charges to prompt rainfall, speaks to the growing interest globally in rainmaking technologies as an avenue for potentially mitigating drought.

According to The Independent, the cloud seeding method employed in Dubai relies on drone technology. The drones release an electrical charge into clouds, prompting them to coalesce and create rain. The technology is reportedly favored compared to other forms of cloud seeding because it uses electricity to generate rain rather than chemicals.

The Middle Eastern country receives an average of four inches of rain per year and summer temperatures that routinely surpass 120 degrees, reported the news outlet. Additionally, its sinking water table—an essential source of fresh water—poses a serious threat. As a result, in 2017, the UAE invested a total of $15 million across nine projects hoping to increase rainfall.

Israelis have been doing this for a long time

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We can create smoke

Lol… $15 million ni midfielder mmoja maembe wa EPL. Waongeze bidii bana.

Look in terms of no. of drones.

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I usually noted something when we were young. After the shamba clearing and ploughing season, we would collect all the dry weeds at the middle of the shamba and burn them which used to produce some heavy smoke. Later that day, it would rain. What caused the rain?

Cloud seeding is nothing new. The Americans have been doing it since the 50s. Africans however believe that the Lord will make it rain and the failure of rains and subsequent famine and death are the punishment from the SkyDaddy