DT Dobie launches Mercedes Benz 1500cc

Specifically the 180 series, soon Kila mtu atakua na Msedes. Bad move Dt Dobie
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There are many Mercedes Benz cars in Kenya than Germany .

Hii stats yako ni totally fake

Gari yyote ya after 1997 ni jina tu, its not legendary. Mercedes ya after 1997 haina kitu yyote haiko kwa gari zengine. Haina kitu yyote unique.

Gari ya 1989 inaeza tembea 1000000 miles gari ya 2014 haiwezi.

My w124 e200 1992 jalopy is running swiftly at her age,

Chief how many locally assembled VW Polos do you see on the road even with their Kes 1.5 Million price tag ?

C class ni taxi pale Frankfurt

hio gari ni chieth sana.
imagine FM antenna na AC ziko kama optional extras?
na madirisha za nyuma ni zile hand crank za kuzungushwa.

mercedes that were 1800cc/supercharged/turbocharged went down to 1500cc in 2014. they are also lighter. reviews say that the 2012-2014 mercedes is the best.

kwa sababu huko wanazitumia kama utility vehicles ama taxi,it’s never a status symbol,ni kama zile VW golf zina assembliwa huku,no one notices them

Cars globally are becoming smaller as more people are abandoning gas for electric. Benz is just trying to give the market what it wants by targeting that niche.

Albania merc ni kama toyota huko

Its not a bad move to them, more people with benzes means more sales in terms of cars, spares and service…and unless you are in an S-Class, G-wagen or any AMG/MAYBACH variant, you are still part of the target market that can be described as peasants

Msisahau Porsche is eating into the Luxury market .Overally a 1500cc car is gong to be a NOT embarrassing (Vile Tiida hustruggle mlima basic ya lami ) and economical enough for town runs.

German cars after 2003 are chieth

Bavarian machine is still King of the road…una engage spot plus na ku zoom off

Spot ile ya period ama?


:D:D:D:D:D… ghaseer ,I meant sport plus mode

omwamii ulikua unatype ukiwa juu ya whiskey ama?