Dstv, are these price reductions good enough?



kimeumana si juzi tu walikua wamepandisha bei…wakule ujeuri yao


bado wako off. ati reduction ya 200 bob pekee premium. their books have started feeling the impact


This is the meanest company in Africa. They have almost 500,000 active premiere subscribers in Kenya alone. Do the maths. They can even do a 30% price reduction and still be doing very well.

Change is coming. Home fibre is spreading to the estates. For half that amount, people have internet 3000 a month and 1000 for Netflix. Watakauka very soon.


they should introduce pay per view hii story ya mtu kulipa package and you only intrested in less than five channels ndio huwa sipendi


Kwani they’ve done away with the family bouquet

Owes na owes.

Streaming still beats this crap hands down


[li]Are you sure of the 500,000 subscribers? i think they are less. Consider a population of 40m, that would mean 1 in 80 has DSTV. In Nairobi (which I assume has the hidgest concentration) I think it is like 1 in 500 going by the number of dishes i see in my estate. I would put it at at most 50,000 subscribers.[/li][li]DSTV also pays other parties. Can we find out how much before we accuse them of greed?[/li][/ol]
All said and done, there is room for reduction. Lets see how affordable internet will tilt the market.


walikuwa wakijifanya kuongezea bei kila wakati. subscribers like me are telling them to keep their channels which are always repeating programs anyway. with safaricom home internet, there are unlimited possibilities and they are going to lose more and more customers

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Even Netflix pays other parties, but they only charge 1000 shs for all-you-can-consume. Greed is the word.


Waliongeza mingi, wamepunguza kidogo… Kubeba watu ufala

200/- reduction…woooooooooooooo!


Nikama warudishia customer tu charges ya kulipa na mpesa.


and they make an announcement for reducing $2

Juzi nimekimbia pale Multichoice ya kampala nichukue explora,nikapewa bei nikaona wacha tu.
Including dish,cabling,LNB, decorder plus subscription nilikaribia kitu brown 30.
Nikasema i will be back.:smiley:
Swali is this investment worthy ama Nichukue Bien mara moja.

Can’t pay anything above 3000 kwa tv unless it includes unlimited internet DSTV NI MEFFI

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Last I recall, the local operation was 5% owned by KBC. Did this change?

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