DSThieVes at it again

Dear subscriber, due to new VAT regime in the VAT Act 2014, all DStv bouquet prices will be adjusted to include VAT starting 1 July 2015.

when they did the same in Nigeria This happend
A Federal High Court sitting in Lagos has restrained MULTI CHOICE NIGERIA LIMITED – operators of DIGITAL SATELLITE TELEVISION from implementing its new rates and an increase in tariffs payable by its subscribers across board.

On Thursday, 2nd of April, 2015, Justice Aneke had, in a Suit filed by two Lagos – based Legal Practitioners, OSASUYI ADEBAYO AND OLUYINKA OYENIJI, certified SUIT NO. FHC/L/CS/404/2015 AS A CLASS ACTION and granted the interim Orders till the hearing of the Motion on Notice for Injunction on the 16th of April, 2015. He also ordered for the Suit and Interim Injunction to be published in national newspapers.

Both Legal Practitioners are challenging the arbitrary increase in tariffs as well as urging the Honourable Court to order the NATIONAL BROADCASTING COMMISSION – the 2nd Defendant to implement PAY PER VIEW where subscribers choose their programmes and pay as they watch which is being implemented all over the world.

The Case will be heard on April 16, 2015.


Havent we been paying VAT all through? im pretty sure we have.

shitty thieves, I will now be forced to be more keen on the FTA stuff wezi and the way they repeat programs bure kabisa


Stupid cows

Demand and supply, market forces. Kama wananchi watukufu wataendelea kulipa then DSThieVes wataendelea kuwadinya.

Am moving my folks to zuku asap.they can shove their crapy shows up their anuses

I gave up on DSTV and shifted to Azam , With all the options available on the net, I don’t see why I should pay so much for shiet I hardly watch,

If you invest that USD 50 or 100 in performing stocks every month ni pesa mob sana