Dry frying tips for fisis

Quick tips on how to hook-up and keep a woman glued to you till you do the inevitable…I have no tips on how to do the running part.

  1. First the girl has to show some remote interest in you and you’ve got to take her number too.

  2. If a girl isn’t interested in you, don’t bother her with incessant texts and calls. If she sends short text replies therein lies the message “feck off” the best you can do is send her short texts in return. But either way you’re doomed. Don’t waste your resources.

  3. Never send a girl you’re interested in “good morning” and “goodnight” texts unless you are replying to her greetings. In general don’t call or text to say hi… that’s lame and very ordinary…she gets many similar texts and calls…you’ve got to mark and stay on your territory.

  4. This is related to point number 3. if you’ve got to text her, send interesting real life stuff that she cannot reply with generic texts. Make sure you are conversing…send her funny stuff and be flirty. If she doesn’t warm up to your texts try calling her instead and see if the results are similar…if they are, it’s time to move on.

  5. If she’s got friends try befriending them early on before she develops feelings for you…a nice way to do so is to invite her out and ask her to bring them along…you’ve got to be ready money-wise and if you wanna limit the damage make the date short like 2 or 3 hrs at most.

  6. Do not invite her to your house…just hint you’re okay having her at your house but let her suggest coming over. When she does tell her you are only available in the evenings. This will get her to prepare to spend the night with you If she visits but doesn’t want to spend over ask her the reason, and using that reason make her leave pretty early say by 8:00 pm no need to have blue balls…all in all don’t waste time convincing a girl to spend the night with you.

  7. Do not tell her you love her. If you do, your exit will be pretty complicated because she will do it for love. unless you want to get serious afterwards. Normally, immediately before or after sex she will ask you what’s next… … I don’t have an answer for this…

  8. Always approach many girls without the intention of getting their contacts. dating is a numbers game. if you meet 200 girls a year and you’ve a 10% success rate that would be 20 girls a year which is pretty impressive for any fisi.

  9. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and if you meet a girl that you think is cute and shares numerous photos on social media…don’t ever mention to her that she’s is cute or beautiful. let her know you like her outfits or cologne or anything else apart from her looks. Just keep away from generic comments.

  10. Don’t buy her gifts or flowers early on in a relationship apart from special events lets say her birthday. If you want to buy her gifts make it a by-the-way and don’t appear to be investing a lot in the relationship.

  11. Always have 3 or 4 chics that you are pursuing at any given time to prevent desperation, frustration and to keep your mojo.

  12. From the very start be very touchy. Make sure she knows that you are not in for a friendship. Places to touch are her waist, hands and ass as you walk along. I can assure you she will feel and note each and every touch especially on her ass. If she asks you not to…then that means it’s time to move on…which is nice no time wasted. If I am into a girl I even touch her cheeks and help her place her hair nicely every now and then.

If I want to dry fry a chic it takes approximately 1 and a half months since knowing her…that is if I am interested. but there are always four or five chics at the same time since it is an effortless pursuit.


ugh! everything else you’ve listed aside, this is the shytiest shyte you niccurs pull!

We’re out on a date having a good time and you’re trynna grope a bisch!

  • I’m dancing and getting it on and you’re trynna grope a bisch!

  • I’m trynna order drinks at the bar and you’re trynna grope a bisch!






[SIZE=4]You gon’ retain that virginity a while longer sweetie![/SIZE]


Groping oneself outta the friendzone :D:D:D

LOL The whole thing is so contradictory though! How do you ignore a bisch all week? Not sending texts, not calling, no gifts, NUTHIN’ ALL FVCKING WEEK! Then you still think you can just move on to groping on Saturday??? :D:D:D What is your life even? How do these rules work? Who the fvck are ya’ll dating outchea?

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Then come here crying when you find flirty texts on her phone with five different fisis, you know how she is a bitch and no woman can be trusted bla bla bla
For your info when you think you are on top of the game because you have a line up of skirts, the same thing could be happening to you. Say you have five skirts and each of the five has an average of 3 fisis, you are having an orgy of 15 or more. Now do you feel all that macho?


There are no rules to nab Nefertiti. Just act as if you give a damn to all the unugus she is yapping about. Then kill snake.


This is no fisi here. Just a spotted sheep. A real fisi would tell a girl he loves her just to hit it. Complicated exits be damned! unasikia mkufool?


:D:D are you sure you really have something to grope on!!??:D:D


Hizi zote ya nini si niende sj mara moja


lol stacked!

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Are you a real lady?

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:stuck_out_tongue: vera sidika / kim kardashian???

Teach yourself some English titties… learn the definition of grope first you dirty minded girl…how is placing your hand over a chicks waist while walking groping??? Who talked about dancing…


uuum no … you’re the one who needs the lessons. I’ll be ok.

whoever can provide an answer to this will be knighted


Learn to read a post completely titties who talked about ignoring a chick the whole week?? I said don’t send her good morning texts and gdnight texts. Just send her random stuff that’s interesting and make sure she is conversing with you. stuff that she finds interesting. Just don’t send “Hi bae hows your morning” kind of lame stuff.

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the fish dude has not in all situation stated he groped her,this means there is nothing to grope to

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Good luck telling chicks you love them with your whole heart just to get laid.

We live in a free world…if each girl has three fisis then that’s their choice. I only control what I can, I don’t bother controlling other peoples lives.


Why should I? I’m not a fisi… I’m something else but the fisis I know would tell a chick anything to hit it and they usually do!