dry frying Sunday...

I don’t know who came up with the term ‘kunyanduana dry fry’ but I find it hilarious. Others like to call it ‘raw sex’ or ‘nyama kwa nyama’. These terms actually make the act of shoving an uncovered cock into a vagina sound like an adventure in Canaan where milk and honey are in abundance. As a result more and people are doing it nowadays. Guys feel that if a chick is too fine, they shouldn’t use a condom. I’ve heard a few guys say “aki huyo siezi kula na CD.” Others don’t mind going in raw even if a chick looks like Kizza Besigye and has seven kilograms of mazigwembe on her legs.
Ladies are more worried about safe days and getting paged than they are of STDs. They consume P2 pills like sweets. In fact, most women nowadays desire to feel a man’s raw-manly shaft penetrating their warm insides in the most primal and natural way possible… without a condom. That’s why ‘How to calculate safe days’ was listed as one of the top google searches in Kenya in 2016.
But is it the way to go? Hell no.
Banging a woman ‘dry fry’ nowadays is too risky. Women are getting served with sex proposals everywhere from Whatsapp to Instagram to clubs to offices to schools. Women are getting fucked left, right and center. You can never be sure that you are the only one banging that girl you like. Even if you have a girlfriend or wife, you can never be too sure that her vagina is exclusive to you.
That’s why I don’t think you have an excuse to shag raw if you are sticking to one partner. People are cheating now more than ever. In this day and age, the moment you have a small argument with your chick then you go without talking for two days, she will already have served her dripping wet punani to that male friend of hers she always tells you not to worry about. And guess what? You will never know about it. That guy will just be looking at you and laughing as you declare your love for your girl on social media. The act of ‘faithfulness’ is becoming extinct like dinosaurs.
They say ‘dry fry sex’ sex is sweeter but I believe it’s all in the mind. Personally I’ve always been a rep for CDs because they eliminate all worries. CDs also make a guy last longer in bed which is good if you are looking impress a woman. I also enjoy sex with condoms quite a lot so I don’t get what the fuss is all about.
What about a HIV test? Well, if you test today with someone who got infected three days ago, it will still show that they are negative. Yet they’ll still be able to infect you. So is it worth it? Hell no. The act of rolling a CD onto your penis only takes a few seconds.
Nevertheless, banging with or without a condom remains a personal choice and whatever consequences fall upon you, never blame anyone. Personally, I’d rather be safe than sorry and I encourage my readers to do the same. Cover it up.







funny, nimesoma huo U wote. sometimes you do that, like washing a tone of soil looking for the few ounces of kold…and sometimes you miss…

Dry fry is sweet, facts are stubborn

Matiangi rudisha holiday tuition @nimechoka

Sound advice kichana, the only problem is that this village is full of dry friers. You are barking at the wrong tree.

Hio shimo wanaume wamejaribu for centuries na haijawai jaa.


Be direct, kijiji ni ya parents =dry fry

Wrapper ni muhimu but utamu wa ndizi ni kutoa maganda

I thought jeshi ya nduthi Mko out of equations

Why is it called dry fry when the poontang gets wetter bila CD ?
It should be called wet fry.
Dry fry is putting a rubber on only for the punani to dry up as the full mwenjoyo is missing.
That’s why lubricant is sold for CD users and not wet fryers.

Yaani someone woke up thinking about dry fry.

We all do.
@Babayao has a point though.

Ever woken up with a boner? If yes to that,shut the ferk up!