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kenya should just ban twitter, all the facts you get there are pure hogwash. Every chokora in the word wakes up and thinks of something after posting you read it like a fool and start believing. Uliza hio mutu hio research amefanya aje akapata hizo findings.

if you have a calculator you can do the math…no need for research just ask any 1st year economics student apige hio hesabu with the inflation rate over the past 5 years

Please counter this with fact filled response. Ama namna gani ? Not everyone has knowledge about economics 101.

Economist wa Kijiji akuje hapa tafasali…

Lets start with the basics:
Kes has lost almost 20% of its value over the last 5 Years.
Has this affected the price of everyday commodities that Kenyans consume?
Has there been a corresponding change in price of food,clothing,shelter,education,water/sanitation and healthcare over the past 5 years?

Wapi Ndii wa kijiji …In my 5 cents opinion what is coming out is that 1k today could only buy things worth Ksh 450 in 2017…so basically your 100k salary today is equivalent to 45k in 2017 in terms of purchasing power

My take is this

In 2017 the average exchange rate was 103/- to 1$.
Currently its 120/- to 1$.

This then means, the Kes has weakened by an extra 17/-. This is 16.5%. Lets make it 17%(rounding off).

83% of 1,000 is 830.

1000 in 2017 is an equivalent of 830 today.

Subject to your corrections wakubwa.

So @captain obvious is earning zero bob?

His income is on the negative side


Uh. Per your logic , 1000 in 2017 should be equivalent to 1170 today. 830 ni kusema the shilling has gained value.
Methinks you should factor PPP (purchasing power parity) to get the real change coz even the $ is subject to inflation.

Please tag a trained economist wachana na hawa akina @captain obvious watu wa kusalimiana huko downtown…

Lets ask a pertinent question if you have 1k in your account right now and go out and buy stuff and if you take that stuff and compare with 1k in 2017 and the stuff it could buy…whats the difference in the quantity/quality

Mine is a plain mathematical. Also, I dont understand how you arrived at the 1170. Remember we are using 1k as the base figure. The Shilling initially traded against the dollar at 103, currently its 120. It means you have to fork more Kshs to buy the $.

@cortedivoire na economy yake ya 150.


Yes,correct. Again using the math logic you applied hapo juu …the statement “1000 in 2017 is an equivalent of 830 today” is inverse .

Jameni ni nini kwa iyo hesabu haukuelewa kaka. Ulisomea hesabu kwa dirisha. Umetwanga nje completely, the fact that you are throwing financial terms around doesnt make things better.

Hio thread title ni nauseating.