Dry Fry: Brenda & Maureen


Good results today!!!
1-2 and 0-3

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Very good results ! Hope we take advantage Kesho now who will Chelsea panick buy?

Neymar jnr. :D:D


Hehehe poleni the blues.

Hehehe. How Brenda lost his groove. After buying players lol. Kwanza Firmino at 28mil pounds. Kichapo cha bibi mpotovu


Kwa maureen its the p factor the last 5 managers to beat him in the epl are : poyet ,pulis ,pardew ,pellegrini & pochetino

Very, very sad for us Blues fans. Anyway, its not the end of the road. Its better to have a bad start and a good ending.
Phew! Man City are gone beyond the horizon.

Sponsors wao ni Kumamato tyres. *pun fully intended.

Wenger abadilishe jina ikuwe Penger


Atajishinda hehehe

Hata Arsenal needed an own goal to beat 10 men yet Wenger is not willing to buy any players.

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manze io ndio blunder ya wenger…nunua maplaya wenger…giroud plus walcott ni washenzi eeeeeeh


arsenal haina strikers. Mtu mfupi kama Walcott anachezeshwaje namba 9? Halafu Chamberlain na Cazorla hawana form.

lakini Chamberlain ni the nxt future ni vile tuu wenger hajui place ya kumweka…mara ako middle field, mara kwa wings…uyu boy anafa apatiwe position ya strik,er…yy huwana nduki mambo bad…walcot arudi wings…msee ma cross

I wonder who Borinho will blame next.


[ATTACH=full]13522[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]13523[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]13524[/ATTACH] sadness of life


I always tell my pals that Brendan Rodgers is a con of a coach. If he had meagre resources like Arsenal when they were constructing the stadium, Liverpool would be finishing the season number 8 kuendelea. Luis Suarez brilliance drew attention away from the ineptitude of Rodgers. Of all the players he’s bought, only Mignolet and Coutinho would make it into starting 11 of the usual big 4 teams


If this was la liga or bundesliga, Man city would be champions by now. Expect more twists and turns this season. They only thing I am partially certain of is that top 4 teams will be same as those of last season.

I’ld take martin skrtel

I think Maureen does have the resources at his disposal as he did before. He will have to do with the current players.