Dry fry at second sight

On Monday i decided to take a mat to work and fortunately happened to sit next to a gorgeous beauty and we chit chat all the way to town. Just the general talk about the now too much traffic jams in Nairobi, about the mega corruption cases in Kenya, about the rains that have refused to come down etc etc. She tells she works as an accountant in one of the law firms in town. We alight at Tuskys beba beba and wish her a good day. As usual i do not take her contacts. I don’t borrow chics numbers unless they offer to do so. So on Friday as i am window shopping for a bottle of whisky in Thika road mall, guess who i bump into? Miss gorgeous just leaving nakumatt. I ask her what’s her mpango and she tells she is just going to watch a series the whole night in her house and asks if i can accompany her. The man i man i dash to my house and at exactly 8.30pm am knocking her door. We had dry fry all night

good job lakini vile @kingolonde atasema weka mbisha ama uache fantasies


Can see you are still a new villager…now listen son, such stories are usually classified as hekaya, pending production of pics of miss gorgeous/and or dry fry session




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kama hauna mbisha hizo story peleka kule--------------------------------------------------------->>>

Girls are so easy ths days
… no wonder guys dnt knw about the wooing gme nowadays! !

there has been an over supply with so many throwing themselves around till we forget how to pursue; hata simba ukiipa mbuzi kila siku saa sita ita sahau kuwinda swara

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Kuwoo nini…Lets be given a reason to woo anything first.

Hekaya tuliachia mharoooooooooooooooooooooooo





Bad mananasi evem fruits … :wink:

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mbisha iko wapi??? :mad::mad:

nkt hii taka taka tuliwacha kRost

True that…

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hizi bi hekaya…but your dreams are still valid…

Last time ulileta hekaya za kukamuana vichochoroni.,Kwenda leta mbisha this time around.

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A well drawn sketch with illustrations is also acceptable as evidence.Chora sketch mkiwa kwa mat, ingine mkikutana Nakumatt na ya ukiknock mlango at 8:30.


Kama ilivyo desturi na mila ya KTalk,na kuambatana na sheria na masharti yalioafikiwa na wanachama wote; Hadithi na hekaya za kaka sungura lazima zibainishwe kwa picha,video ama witnesi!


Anybody can tell a story and there is a reason you don’t see them being posted here.o_O