dry fry artists

@Thiem ndo iyo mimba unaletewa


Condoms are cheaper


Ukinyandua njui mara 3-5 you drop guard, women hate condoms to.

kanyama ni katamu, unajua tu, but hapa u want to play holy joly

Do men, like that in the picture, get pregnant?

Buda zile nisaidie P2 na maji on Mondays kwa ma Chemists acha tu. (No bargain)

…and the profile of the ladies will surprise you, very young girls and older ladies.

Every 5 ladies I bang, 4 have already used P2 and are willing to use again…it’s wild out there

Yes huyu ni ndugu ya @chap from muranga


Huyu ata hataki wrapping, ashalipa na Mpesa!

They chew those p2 like @patco s.