Drunk Rant about Africans

Nimeshakunywa legend 400ml so nikaona ni type rant fulani imenisumbua sana. I believe the human race is equally interms abilities, intelligence and potential. The human race is divided into white skin and black skin. I also believe white skin includes Americans, Europeans and Asians. Black skins is Africans. Apart from Indians and Samoans who tend to be in between white and black skins so i don’t want to rant about them
Back to my rant, I strongly believe white skin is superior over black skin especially Africans interms of intelligence.
I may ask a question that i know will support my rant, Please tell me the things that you normally use on day to day from clothes, to technology, to keeping hygiene, to the items in your house, which humans race skins invented, manufactured that item?
I believe 95% of items that you use on daily are manufactured and invented by white skins and less than 2% of items are manufactured or invented by Africans and used on a daily basis by White skins
Lets start with technology from computers, internet, machines, vehicles, television, electricity, social media are invented and manufactured by whites
When will Africans make a movie like xmen or avengers? Even green screen camera trick we cant. Even we don’t support our footballers, all of them want to play for whites? Even wifi we were introduced by whites. Smart phones are invented by whites. Don’t have a single construction company that can build sgr or upgrade our roads to super highways? Whites had the electric train in the 70s. 95% of African countries dont have an electric train. We can’t manufacture a single aeroplane, or trucks. Even a led flat screen TV we cant have our own brand? We trade internationally using whites money. Banks in Africa were introduced by white. The clothes we wear on a daily were invented by whites. Live events we cant make a full digital stage. 95% of the medicine was invented and manufactured by white
All this examples prove that the white skin is far intelligent to than Africans. Less than 5% of African inventions are used on a daily basis by whites.
Africans should step up, their intelligence capacity come up with stuff can pay millions for it.
Unaweza ongeza zile vitu whites wamefanya na African we use on a daily basis.
Let me add the last one hata condoms na sanitary pads are manufactured by machines made by whites so unfortunate.

Codivoa we ni fala tu. The origins of most of all this tech you speak of is based in Africa. Greeks are highly revered in the Western world simply because they were the first to translate African works to the west.

If you opened a book every once in a while or googled ‘Nubia’ and ‘Kemet’ instead of asking us if tushai nusa tako, labda iyo Legend ingekutoa ujinga badala ya kuongeza. Meff.

You however, are a gone case. The minute you start to hate yourself and the color of your skin, you’ve already lost.

I only see myself. I don’t see "myself as…
No comparison, no complaints just me doing the best of being me.

Hii ni ulevi.

Congo is the richest country in terms of natural resources but interference ya wazungu.
M-Pesa started in Kenya.
Nobody has ever understood how Egyptians built their pyramids
Coffee was discovered as a wiid shrub in Ethiopia
The first ever surgery was done in Egypt.
Africa gave USA a president…no European or American has given Africa a president:D:D
It is suspected the richest man ever came from Africa- Mansa Musa of Mali
CAT scan was invented in South Africa

So keti pale------------>

Africa is great

The innovations from inventions by Africans are many.
And as has been mentioned above, An African is the RICHEST PERSON EVER…
Just do your research and you’ll be surprised by the contributions of Africans to the World.
Hapana fuata Nobel prices. Even Women are discriminated there, featuring only Nobel Peace Prizes.

Nkt nimewachia hapo, btw ulirogwa ukiwa mtoto? Chunguza

Sawa so congo has minerals but apart from gold, silver, and bronze. Did africans realize they had other minerals in their land if the white never came.
So Egyptians built the pyramids, why did they never build a skyscraper in Cairo without the whites?
If coffee was discovered in Africa why did they figure out how to process it upto granules or instant?
If you claim richest was Africa, why the is no African in forbes richest top ten? Even African companies are not in the fortune 500 top ten
Like i said why 95% of items you use daily where processed or manufactured by whites. Get my point


Watu wanacatch Na swali ni rahisi to…why can’t Africans get their shit together?

There are many reasons africans can’t get their shit together…and I’m pretty sure u know them. But that does not mean africans are not up to par with other races. An average mzungu huwa mjinga kupindukia. How do you explain that some of them in this age of Internet think of Africa as one big country.

Egypt was once known as Kemet when inhabited by Black men while the Ethiopian empire stretched from modern day Ethiopia to Yemen as far as Oman(still a black country to this day) in the middle East. @cortedevoire read some works by Herodotus.

Stop. Stop this nonsense of thinking black men are an inferior race. Before the white man came, Africa was a nation of strength. The best way to colonise a strong nation is to educate them that their culture is inferior and they need to adopt the foreign better culture. Evidence to this is the first institutions of learning were in Africa.

The oldest existing, and continually operating educational institution in the world is the University of Karueein, founded in 859 AD in Fez, Morocco. The University of Bologna, Italy, was founded in 1088 and is the oldest one in Europe.

So, modern education was based on this. Every engineer, lawyer, doctor, is a product of African initiative. So everything that they developed as well. The difference between White race and the Black race is purely environmental. Whites needed to invent a lot of things to get through the harsh conditions during their migrations. Doesn’t make them superior. It is basic human instinct to use your surroundings to survive.

The brainwashing is strong in this one… Free Redpills for the dullard.

I would want you to look for a book called ‘How Europe Underdeveloped Africa’ by Walter Rodney and read it page to page, and get your definitions of development, and stop with that white man superiority thing,it is untrue.

But pia sisi waafrika tuache ujinga, akili tunazo but kutumia ni balaa. We need to develop our own systems and culture, hii Ufala ya ku copy paste taka taka kutoka kwa wazungu tuache!