Drunk Drivers

happend few minutes ago( check time of post)

haya tuko house party halafu drinks zimeisha both kienyeji(hii spelling imenishinda had to Google) na mixture of spirits

where do I come in, mimi niko na cash na sponsor the next round

drunk driver only guy with car keys

so we team up and look for the closest bar and re-up/refill

we get to car, needs to be unlocked thru app, took several tries

tume hit the road, immediately tunadrive centre of the road

mimi niko a bit sober fucking seeing danger mimi na vaa seat belt, drunk drive yeye ame move soo close to the steering wheel after every 2 minutes ananiambia niko na 24 years experience driving (nigger is in his early 30s )

kazi ni yangu was to warn drunk driver off any pending dangers

drunk driver has his own tatics, guy hoots at any thing Infront of him iko na head lights ( hata stationary vehicle hadi he had to come to a stop kuinsult that bloody nigger that is not moving and causing confusion)

mimi on my side am pressing some imaginary breaks because nigger is driving too fast

drinks tumepata

niggas back at house party now mixing drinks, sasa kila corner kuna vomit (hate smell of vomit can cause a chain reaction of vomits)

Nigger ghassia wewe…

You are bloody fools. Reminds me of something I did a few months back.

Pombe, Pombe I don’t know what people find fascinating in this filth . From your composition I see:
1 death glare -accident
2 health and safety - vomits

nobody’s going to ask for a hekaya stop baiting.

what i read through that post

I love akoho, I’m in love with akoho

Some troubles are unnecessary, like discussing people who drive while drunk. I mean if you know you have a drinking problem and you still value your life, why not be kind to yourself and let someone drive you? As for me, I see nothing good in alcohol, whether its a local brew ama ya duka