Drug addiction "till death do us part"

Has anyone ever battled drug addiction? Did you overcome your addiction and how serious was the struggle? RIP to Erick’s brother.


Kuna post ingine apo chini…

Drugs are bad. In China and Saudi Arabia drug traffickers get executed after a short trial and rightly so.

if only we could start emulating such countries then we would get rid of such. So many people are affected but what the country has done is ignore the elephant in the room


Hao vijana karibu wapotee na huyo Italiano, wanataka ya stomach:eek:

In Kenya we allow NGOs to convince us that drug dealers deserve human rights.
What we need for a leader is someone like Rodrigo Roa Duterte president of Philippines who unleashed deadly force on drug dealers…
YT2 is fighting kumikumi and people are trashing his efforts instead of applauding him

Duterte knew the only way he can win this fight is through extra judicial killings. Kenyan courts can not handle drug related cases. Look at the case of the Akashas who had to be extradited to the US. Our judicial system has failed us completely

In Kenya they are made governors of the wealthiest counties

Did NGOs vote Sonko and Joho to office?

What about Mwau and the Akashas? Who had freedom to do whatever despite knowledge they were international drug barons ?

Uhuru was protecting someone with his blowing up drug boat in the sea.

Do you remember they case of billion shilling heroin haul of Kibaki era that was disappeared while in police custody ? Is that a NGO problem too ?

Shida ya Kenya sio NGO, its the citizens who are ok with every crime and evil.

What have you done as a citizen?

If you’ve realized, I think UhuRuto have taken the war against drugs to their home counties. YT2 and Mandago have alcoholism as their number one enemy. YT2’s is well covered by the media but hakuna mtu anaongelea Mandago’s. Kupata license ya pub ni bahati na sibu. Got mine cancelled na ilibidi nipige magoti while facing Ziwa na kusema ‘Tafadhali’ seven times ndio ikakubaliwa with conditions.

Just look at Uhunye’s demeanor when around Sonko, Kabogo, Joho, Sudi and Mwau. Jamaa amewawekea jembe chini. Nakumatt going down was a result of strings being pulled from the house on the hill, not directly of course. No wonder Mwau took it personally to put fwd a petition during the repeat elections. Hapumui

I live in Kenya. I see how NGOs throw their support behind gunned down criminals and condemn the police. Nobody has ever caught politicians red-handed dealing drugs, it’s usually rumours.

Hii ya Waititu sijui inafaa kusaidia aje.Kila youth mlevi anapea ama drug addict mia nne ati aweze kujinunulia food poa.Kesho yake huyo yuutman akienda kuchukua ya hiyo siku anaenda akiwa blaze mbaya mbofu na anapewa mia nne ingine

hujaacha kuuza keg kapsoya

highly doubt that,it could have been easy to just burn it infront of raia but…
It’s true about the citizens accepting everything without questioning

Hali sio nzuri…

well informed…

Our police do a very good job ni vile tu NGO’s zinatumia jina la polisi kutafuta funding. The most professional police in this side of the sahara.