Dropping Out of University

Today, reality has hit me that it may no longer be possible to complete my degree because it no longer makes sense. Despite my relentless efforts in the last academic year, the number of units remaining is not enough for me to redeem my GPA. We all know a pass degree is worth less than the paper it is printed on. I am not here seeking consolation. In fact, I am doing very well financially. My question is, is there any talker here who dropped out of university/college? How is life so far? Do you regret? I know that there is stigma associated with being a university drop-out but that ship has sailed now. What would you advise a university drop-out? For those who dropped out and are doing well in life, how did you do it?

The dropout tag is too heavy to carry around for the rest of your life.This is not America.And even if it were, you would not want the dropout title to feature everywhere your name appears.Uliza Bill Gates atakwambia.If you drop out, your entire life will be assessed using that label.If you fail in life, it will be because you dropped out. If you succeed, it will be despite dropping out.I have friends who dropped out and one thing I realised is that they always behave defensively no matter how well they are doing.In other words, maliza shule ikiwa shida sio fees.You do not want to spend the rest of your life describing, explaining, and jusifying your decision. Just do it in school for those few years.

Is this a bachelor’s degree? I dropped out of a master’s, I have never been proud of it. Im not doing badly financially but my mind always tells me I made the wrong turn. Now I have to enroll for an even costlier program.

I would be willing to continue with my education, but my GPA took a very serious hit in my junior years that it is beyond redemption. I passed very well last semester with A’s and just one B. However, with the few units remaining, the best I can get is a pass even if I score straight A’s. Honestly, a PASS is worthless. I dont think it would help me with the education inflation everywhere. It seems like throwing good money (fees+time I would use for my business), after bad money (poor grade which is guaranteed).

Yeah. Bachelors degree.

I would rather you do it. It wont give you money, but it will help you prove to yourself you can motivate yourself.

Which is your bachelor’s?


Ya upande gani?

Mimi nitarudi nimalize hiyo masters. Niko mzee kidogo. Hiyo karatasi ni muhimu.

Don’t you think it’s worse to drop-out than graduate with a Pass? A pass at least shows you went to school and graduated. At least you will have evidence of participation. If an employer was to give you a chance based on your degree, your skills should do the talking. Otherwise, you will just be another drop-out. There is no regret in completing a degree but there is one in dropping out.

If you are doing good financially as you have stated above, then the degree is not for employment purposes but as an achievement. Maliza at least utakuwa na moral authority ya kuambia watoto that they should never quit.

I will advise you to quit and focus on your business. Since it is certain that you can only achieve a Pass at best, it is also certain that your credentials will hit the dustbin first every time you apply for a job. There are several things you need to know going forward though:-

  1. You dont have a back-up plan. Therefore, you should avoid making risky investments with your money going forward because you have no formal employment to fall back on if they backfire. You will have to quit thinking like a hotcake graduate.
  2. You have no choice but to diversify your income sources now that an 8-5 stable job is out of the picture. You should have at least 3 income streams that keep cash rolling into your pocket. Counting on one business only, as a drop-out is a very dangerous affair.
  3. Dont try marriage if you dont have multiple and stable income streams. If you get a child/family and your only business collapses, you will see why people become thugs forced by circumstances.

All id say is that maliza io degree if yu have the chance to haijalishi ni Pass ama nini…sometimes later itakuja kukusaidia usijijoho.

Hiyo karatasi ni muhimu.You will be locked out of opportunities for lack of those papers.A pass does no necessarily mean you are weak. There are many factors that can lead to a pass.

Completing your degree program shows an employer/investor that you’ll finish tasks you set out to work on, grades aside. Then there other things like applying for study visas where you may be denied because of such history.

I have noticed that most of the responses here ignore the fact that a Pass is a certainty for this nigga. If it wasn’t certain, it would be plausible to complete his degree. Now that it is certain, pursuing it is just wasting his effort. Think about it this way guys…would you enroll for a course if you were certain to get a Pass? I think he is better off starting another simple degree program and making sure he gets better grades. There is this quote that “Sometimes energy spent shifting from a chronically leaking boat is more productive than that used to patch it up.”

Just how bad is a pass to those who are not familiar with the Kenyan system??

I know of a few friends who had pass and went on to get phds. Mimi nilipata 2 ya juu na hata masters sijatoboa.