Drones License in Kenya

Anybody know anyone who has successfully got a lisence to operate a drone in Kenya or is everyone flying kimandazi… cheers and happy New Year

My neighbor had to pay kitu kidogo ‘kikubwa’ to the police after being reported for operating without a license. There is a Kenya drone operation regulation that is detailed.

KCAA will issue you with a $30 permit to bring it to kenya. You will need a license to fly a drone for commercial purposes though,weddings,survey or photo shoots, or to fly a drone that weighs 7 kg or more. Personal haina noma hata kama ni ile size ya DJI phantom 4

How will they be able to differentiate commercial and personal uses…

na nikitaka kunukisha kitunguu nayo how does that go. KCAA ni very vague on this,

Same questioned a driver asked before gari aingize kenya,“watajuaje ni personal ama psv?”
Bora usishikwe,wako very strict on this,and its a cashcow for them on weekends. For example unaeza kua uko wedo unashoot,as the thingy goes higher,kidogo unashikwa eti intrusion of private property,saa hio wameongea na next property wakuhande. Fine is standard 50k,higher if its in no fly zone,millitary,embassy,official residences. Chunga

Iko shule inaitwa Kendrone…wanatrain watu for the KCAA drone licence,and have been approved for the same. Check them out online.
Thing is agencies are quite paranoid on what drones might be used for,so better to have the licence than to keep forking out money juu ya kusetiwa.And even,then some licence ratings are kind of restricted(more scrutiny),kama beyond visual line of sight.
The utility of drones is widely varied and more uses keep coming up…great time to get that licence

DJI (largest and most popular drone maker) realised issues with licensing and had a way around it by introducing the Mavic mini. This one weighs less than 1kg and in most countries that makes it fall outside the classification of a drone and be regarded as a toy instead. It however still packs good specs including a long flight time, great camera and long range.