Drogba officially Red pilled joins MGTOW

Can u believe ur partner showing their true colors after twenty years in marriage. How did she even camouflage for that long? Kweli our favorite gender is a special breed.

It is Drogba ndio amecheza nje, gone for an ex wife to a grandson of the Congo Dynasty, sijui Vangsy Goma, wife named Gabrielle Lemaire. A foolish move for me, angechukua kitu fresh, si kitu unajua jamaa alikuwa anaitomba nyama kwa nyama.


Jamaa arudishe Tu curlykit

Ndoa sikuizi ni kama kupanda matatu lazima utashuka tu yaani?
Word is that its because his fortunes are plummeting, even the wife was playing a few away games here and there.

Hapo ndio alikua anakunywa mabinti wote kama soda. Asake kitu young freshi. Unfortunately his third leg has taken control of his faculties, he’s settling with a post wall who has given *riding the cock corousel" a brand new meaning

Drogba married a single mother, most Alphas men professionally usually have some weakness. Guess that’s his.

Welcome to the club Didier, prolific striker of all time, all the best as you open a new chapter in life

Drogba ameanza kufunga own goals…:D:D His taste for women though iko basement level…

Dr dre fighting his demons too

Una link ya hii story.

Btw it is becoming apparent that marriage is scary na sio lazima.
The voice keep getting louder with each passing day.
Enzi za klost my faith in marriage was like 55%, 6 years later since the inception of ktalk iko <1% manze

Gåy kwani unamfuata umpatie buttcrack.:D:D:D

No surprise there… when sense finally hit Kibor…he divorced the wife

sijui mbona wadosi hupenda ku divorce then wanaoa divorcee postwall vile mandela alichukua ngombe ya Machel,

Ntakuitia Patricia akumalise

Because for them at that stage its about power consolidation and/or wealth consolidation…they can still source sex from elsewhere anytime.

Vijana muoe muwache hii upuzi ya MTGWCHIETH .If divorce comes you handle it like a man

Hapo ndio lawyer, baby mama and the government watakukamua kweli kweli, try this especially in western culture at your own risk