Driving without lights at night

There has been numerous complains about some drivers driving with no lights at night especially lorries, what does the traffic law say about this?

Kwanza ma GK mzee. Unashtukia tu ndio hii

so uncouth of them, also driving on the wrong side and forcing other motorist out of the road

tractor mumias na sides za molo/njoro/farmlands hazinanga izo lights lakini zinafaa kuOperate mchana as a ‘rule of thumb’ ama common sense…
io ingine yote ni bonobo jungle mentality + inborn firmware prof. @Ndindu can elaborate

Haina battery that why. Pia gari ingine that can run without battery ni bedford. Battery is only needed for starting-up the engine and lighting. What they do, nikushtua tu. So the battery isnt a must.

Met one like this along the road in Muhoroni at around 1am. It has a huuuge “bush” of sugarcane on its trailer, I thanks God I turned on my full lights in good time to see it.

hao wanahitaji kucharazwa viboko mbili tatu wapate adabu. drivers wa io route washughlike

On the extreme kuna matapaka huweka high beam setting wanaku blind karibu utoke nje ya baro

So funny that the tittle is same to as your profile picture!!!

@uwesmake aka @chap acha mambo mingi. Inamisha matako @kanguthu akulambe kuma.

It’s that simple!

@Patricia, bado unauza mkundu pale sagana?

:D:D heshimu maumbile ya mungu


Some may not agree with me on this, but as such hours and in such roads it would be advisable to drive with your headlights full beam

True. Nowadays I always do. For safety and security.

Serikali mbele:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D