Driving schools efficacy

[ATTACH=full]4172[/ATTACH] With the number of accidents on Kenyan roads, am left wondering whether driving schools are effective at all in producing good drivers. I know other factors are in play like carelessness-drunk driving, speed showoff. I know some of us learnt driving from our fathers, then later spent a little time learning theoretical stuff in driving schools, just for the DL. And parents emphasized discipline. Do you think Kenyan driving schools are doing their job as they should? What should be done?

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mimi nilisomea Seniors driving, hao ma karao walinifanyisha exams walini harass mbaya, na hiyo lorry ya seniors ilikuwa ime beat mbaya

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I was in Glory Driving school huyo instructor alinikula 200 bob ya “Examination Questions” Whatever that meant

Unaweza pata driver wa psv hata hajui road signs zingine zinamaanisha nini. Hata hajui ukinegotiate corner indicator ni muhimu. Those are the ones huchota pedestrians na kugonga cyclists.

I never went to drivingschool, I was given options, parted with 7k en got a licence in 2weeks, original. I can’t drive but it was a job requirement, ile its an added advantage en I went through, 2mi its just a piece of paper. To others it’s an achievement. Kenya shida tu ni there’s a right channel ya kujaribu, en a second one least expensive, less time, en no hussle. Blame the system

got mine after paying 1,500…although I consider myself a really good driver sio hizi automatic generation that would piss there pants when they see 3 pedals

Some have funny names. Wamunene driving school, Wamaitu driving school…though that’s not an issue.

style up driving school -_-

These are the most expensive schools run by idiots for idiots, with the exception of AA.

Kenyan driving schools teach very little,we have many half baked drivers on our roads today,look at majority of accidents today,they involve new drivers and their brand new vehicles. I went to Cage driving school,drove an ancient Bedford that looked like this…


I was not a good driver until I did driving tests in Saudi Arabia,our company’s driving test was superb,for one to drive any company vehicle one had to pass the cone test in 2 minutes,I still hold the record for the fastest time completing the cone test at 33 seconds…


I was the best driver in Central Saudi Arabia,Toyota Japan contracted 3 of my colleagues and I to test all brand new Toyota vehicles that were due for launching in the Saudi Arabia market.



Went to one opposite Kenya cinema. That instructor would tell me to drive to upperhill alafu anasimama kwa wasee wa fruits and tells me to buy for him. Another day he unleashed kadi ya harambee. And am only 18!!

@mayekeke could you give a description of driving exercises you underwent in order to horn your driving skills…especially what is not taught in our jua kali driving schools…

That’s inspiring. How long were you trained and how did you become the best driver? Hints. Our driving schools need change.

kumbe @mayekeke pia ni senior driver :D:D

I learned to drive at the farm on a really old Landrover…got a provisional licence by the time I was 14…breezed through AA by 16…when I was in campus I went through a rigorous training to get the driving permit in DC…weeeh it was no joke…you had to come with your own car for practical exams…computer simulation…sijui night driving…driving in snow…wah it made the AA one seem like such a joke

Welcome Grace! You must be aiming at driving army tanks now! Such training standards should be emulated in Kenya.