Driving license

Mtu anaweza kunisaidia na connect.

Just pay the fees and go to class. Competent driving is a matter of life or death.



How much are u willing to part with. Tuanzie hapo.


System ni ngumu nowadays. You cannot take an exam without going into school for at least 21 days.

So @Gaza you want to give us another idiot on the road. Fun statistic. Did you know that almost all kenyans who try to apply for a German driving licence fail on the first try. Including the ones who already have a Kenyan driving licence. That’s the useless calibre we produce. And here is a prime example why.

Boss 6k uwezi pata legit DL. Tafuta 20k … nikupe connect kutoka ntsa.

Ghasiaa … Driving school is a scam. Burukenge

Lipa tu driving school, you will get the license in 3 weeks.
Siku hizi smart DL inatoka na siku tatu.

Thanks for your input.

Tutaongea mzito.

I wish ningenunua hii kitu like 4 years back bana.


Majini zinataka damu…

Because we don’t drive on the right.

I got mine from this site around 2016. I parted with 7k and i don’t regret it, if i hadn’t taken the risk, ningekua nailia kwa choo coz right now kupata DL ya nyuma ni shida

Nilipata DL kitambo through driving school na ikatokea I think in a month. Kwanini watu hawataki kutumia iyo route

Boss it is important to go driving school so that you know the rules and road safety .