Driving Licence

If a karao takes your DL and goes with it and disappears and you drive away, what happens next? Do you report it lost, do you wait for them to call (he never introduced himself) or what do you do?

As far as i know,he has no legal right to confiscate a controlled document ,in this case,your DL.Problem na karao ya kenya inaeza sema wewe ni jambazi sugu ukiamua uende alafu ureport as lost. Itabidi ujisalimishe. Kenyan cops are the worst

Nitajisalisha wapi given that he never introduced himself nor his station?

Report neasrest police station

Vile villain ameseti

Sawa. Thanks

utajipata uko na warrant

Mahali alikuchukua your DL that cop ni wa the nearest station from there.

In law and court though a cop is not supposed to take your DL neither get in your car.