Drivers please note!

Hio ya short trips while engine is cold Afadhali truck huwezi engage gear kaa brakes hazijajaza pressure, truck asubuhi lazima igurume for minimum 10 minutes before ikubali utoke, aircon apan tambua kwa Actros

But you need aircon most when stuck in traffic.

Aircon lasima! Who wants a dusty interior?

hapa kwa hard braking is it the same as ‘‘late’’ braking .

Hey… You’re back… Finally…

Na sahizo huwezi fungua dirisha juu kuna mafala wana itchy fingers watajisaidia na your belongings

If only the heavy commercial drivers would learn to stick to the left lane, I wouldn’t need to accelerate and brake unnecessarily. Good post though

Hii ya hard braking ni ukweli… Last year i could spend same amount of cash hulipishwa na matatu fueling an old surf for the same distance. Trick is gradually increase speed when needed. Imagine using 200bob and going same distance as you could have used with a matatu.

Meria mata, before nisahau, kuna unmarked road huwa pale ukielekea taru from nairobi, how comes drivers are cool with that? Karibu niende direct kwa corner.

I hear even for other vehicle ni vizuri uwache igurume for a few mins

Hio ya short trips with cold engine is very true. Thought the fuel gauge had an abnormaly until i consulted a mech

Sanasana diesel engines

Late breaking is also another fuel waster. Its better, especially when you know the road well, that you dont break ukifika pale but ukijua unaenda kuruka bumo unareduce speeed gradually.

Watu wakutoa gari baridi kwanza span tambua cold engines

Knowledge is a very powerful tool. Way back in the 90,s some wisecrack ‘discovered’ that if you remove the thermostat in a Nissan mat diesel engine it will not overheat and knock. So all imports had the thermostats removed on arrival in Mombasa. Mechanics wa grogon wakanukisha kitunguu kapsaa…

Some still do it to date.

Then they also ‘discovered’ that the vehicle consumes less when you drive on low revs. I actually thought so too, then I drove a car with instant computerised feedback and realised that a car uses less fuel when the engine load is light no matter the revs

So kutoa thermostat ni mbaya?

yes it is to the fuel economy .

As long as it’s an engine acha igurume kidogo oil ipande

Lucky you!Huku If you switch on air conditioning,prepare to be blasted by a gust of dust first…mashambani blues.

I actually meant after a long drive and you come to a stop you dont kill the engine immediately.


I also believe revs ni mambo yote