Driverless Trucks Starts Operating Between UK And US
Technology is fast growing in almost all aspects of life, but imagine a world where trucks drive through the night non stop. In this case,there are no coffee breaks or a even a nap, and yet there are never any accidents. This has become possible with the invention of trucks that actually have no drivers. The age of the driverless vehicle is upon us. Famous scientists have been developing and testing prototypes with the aim of making them for commercial use. Google, a pioneer in the field, started its self-driving car project in 2009 and its autonomous vehicles completed 161,000 kilometers on public roads 18 months later. In our era were are facing completely new models for freight traffic. The United Kingdom recently allowed the vehicles on the road, joining California, Florida and Nevada in the United States in changing the laws to accommodate the new technology. Trade shall benefit in a number of ways, whether they are waiting for delivery of goods or for executives to arrive for meetings or conferences. Smoother traffic flow will make journey times more predictable and scheduling simple.

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