drinking with paps!

I see guyz drinking with their fathers at the local and it got me wondering how do you guyz pull it off I love my whisky but I wouldnt imagine drinking with my dad ( that nigga wasnt around anyway) just what kind of conversation ensues, the awkward moments you stare at that waiteress ass, who drives the other home etc I tell you we are living in the end of times! Cheers( read fcuk you) absentee dad thanks but I learnt to take my whisky neat!

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Guess you have to be friends first. Let go of the past and forgive him for his faults and its going to come naturally.No one had perfect parents but to start living you need to let go of the past.
Mimi shida yangu inakuwanga kupiga story kwa simu with my dad,i stopped trying juu hiyo conversation doesnt last 2 minutes no matter how much i try lakini kulewa,we can do that all day na waitresses na story za mamanzi you would think we are agemates and its always nice to confirm that the apple doesnt fall to far from the tree ikifika story za mamanzi.


once drunk with my pops at ostrich farm kitengela, that was the first time and it was awkward when he ordered a white cap and told me niwache kujifanya I order whatever poison I fancy


hiyo avatar yako inakufaa sana

Mimi I have the ball to drink with the in-laws. December nilinunulia father -in-law pombe akafurahi…alafutu the funny think is that we were drinking kwa pub fulani waiters wako na ass kama ya vera…but pombe makes us equal

i love drinking with old schools my dad or uncles,the stories they tell you while drunk are priceless.vile @old monk amesema you have to be friends first and foremost

never hii ni dangerous… watu hufanya na huropokwa vitu wakiwa walevi

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kunawengine wakikunywa kiasi wanakua uncontrollable

I would never imagine drinking with my dad, whenever the issue of alcohol rises he reminds me how alcohol killed his 2 brothers ( my uncles ) 15 yrs ago. He used to drink too but aliacha.

Waitress ass but, yeah…that one!

Not both…that’s the reason I wouldn’t drink with my pops

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right there are the makings of another generation of an absentee…kwa kikwetu we say ukitukana mzazi hata wewe utatukanwa…karma

Siwezi. When you drink even one or two you never make sound judgements. There is always a levelof excitement. Upuzi zangu na kuchips funga and shit nafanya na watu wa rika yangu.

I drink with my paps whenever i have a chance. The thing here is not to drink excessively.
Kula kanyama na yeye halafu umbuyie Tusker nne, wee kula zako tano halafu umwambie mwende home, just when you are about to become too drunk.