Dried Vegetables

Want to get into dehydrated vegetables, particularly onions and tomatoes. I am looking at institutional buyers (restaurants, schools, etc.) first before I offer to retailers. What’s your take on the product and the approach?
And what is the cheapest I can get a dehydrator locally, sun drying is the alternative but it takes around 2 weeks and needs monitoring that I am not available to do


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Habari ya masiku kaschana…think this is the right time to hit this market but schools and restaurants are currently closed. With TZ off the scene, Kenyans can do their own thing. We can…

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Do you know where I can get dehydrator locally? I see ushago they use solar dehydrators but I know nothing about them. I was thinking of buying the regular electric one.

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Sweety just go to youtube and search " onion or tomato drying machine"
You will get plenty of options and narrow down to the most preferable one
Alternatively search google
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You’re on the right path.
However, going the electric way may cut into your margins.
Solar (tunnel dryers) would be ideal since they can handle big volumes, don’t require expensive maintenance and are free running power-wise.
They also preserve the nutritional goodness of the end product.

Are tomatoes regarded as vegetables?

Do you know where I can get them? I am not familiar with them

Kuna hizi dehydrator aliexpress

If in big scale commercial,kuna hii 45k

Small scale,18k

Share the link? What are the logistics of getting one to my door steps

Check the following on YouTube.
[SIZE=4]1. DESHIDRATADORA SOLAR ORGÁNICA - Frutas Deshidratadas (Perú),[/SIZE]
2. [SIZE=4]Poly Tunnel Dryer, Shramajeevi,[/SIZE]