Dreams worth more than money by Meek Mill

Am listening to this album iko juu end this nigga is also humpin on Nikie Minaj[ATTACH=full]9326[/ATTACH]

which is the best song?

Lord Knows

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skia dark sky paradise yabig sean…the best this year for me


I like how mature he has become musically.

naona fisi imekemba mali kweli kweli

Who is this guy? Looks like a certain UFC fighter called Chuck Lidell![ATTACH=full]9358[/ATTACH]


I wish he’d blown up more. I have such inexplicable anger over how many people ride Kendrick’s dick instead. :mad::mad:

Aka iceman

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What do Meek Mill & Education CS Kaimenyi have in common?

ALWAYS SHOUTING to get their point across!

:D:D:D:D. in this album there is no shouting