Dreams and their meanings..

Has anyone of you ever dreamt something and it came to pass?Usidanganywe na science, dreams( not yet known whether it’s all or some) have meaning and are spiritual. Dreams are one medium through which we interact with the unseen world.Now they might be from God or from the other fella( Depending on your spiritual condition).
Personally I’ve had warnings/messages through dreams and they came to pass…
Would love to hear some experiences from you guys.

dreams are just suppressed emotions and memories,others are weird as ferk if you’d ever remember them. I for example,if i eat weed coockies ,spicy food or having a high fever i’m guaranteed to get the worst kind of nightmares…i gugud it and verified ,its all just a mind game nothing spiritual there buddy

dreams and visions ceased to exist. they were for a time only as it was one of the ways I AM spoke to His people. Now He speaks to us by Christ.
never forget that.

Well some people say so but then why were there prophets in Acts?

Science attempts to explain everything,like trying to use psychology & psychiatrics to treat something that’s not in their realm. How many people have been taken to Mathari mental and never return to normal self?

proof that everything can be explained and extrapolated by science if the practicality is provable either ,logically,phisically or mentally

because by then the compiled and complete Word of God was not yet done. If you read further, you will see a gradual withdrawal of the same.

why don’t you give us this experience first??

There’s this lady in my village whose dream re appeared severally that in our home there will be born twins and it came to pass.

Not possible because of personal reasons. And about whatever am asking, am not looking for specifics. Just wanted to hear from others whether they’ve experienced the phenomenon

Not true, jesus is also nolonger in this world

Pull sheet. Its like saying tomorrow is coming. For sure it there but not for everyone

Son of the morning will delude you into thinking that dreams “are just dreams” n shouldn’t b taken seriously. But the truth of the matter is, dreams are an integral part of a Christian life. When u begin to climb the spiritual ladder u will quickly realize that the holy spirit usually uses the dreams to communicate messages from the light kingdom and expose the condemnation passed upon you by the infernal kingdom

Honestly I don’t dream but When I do it comes to pass.I wish I could explain…


Dreaming of someone I have not seen for years then bumping into them that week. Also dreaming about being some places I have never been to then later visiting the place and having dejavu. Warning dreams so that I can pray against something.

go read The Word of God. don’t just write because you have a keyboard.
So now that Christ isn’t in this world…the Word of God is Christ. So when you read the Word you read Christ.