Dream Interpreters..please help

Following a previous thread posted herein, i noticed there a lot of honest and capable dream interpreters here.

I trust you will help me in understanding what i dreamt. I must say am rilly eager to know what it means

Now the dream i had is quiet absurd, not sure if that the right word to use

Fast Forward… i saw myself naked on my couch and infront of me was @Unicorn and @Supu don kneeling before me and they were lookin upto me with those fiery glorious eyes of theirs. Unfortunately a ferking mongoose, decided to bark at that same moment and i woke up.


Look for Apostle Maina Nganga very fast before he is admitted in Kamiti as a state guest.


your avatar…looks like your life is one big splat…just when you are about to…splaaat!

pitia sabina joy jioni utoe stress coz @Supu don and @Unicorn are out of your league…

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what were u doing when the two beauties were kneeling?

i was just smilling

@Supu don hi twinkles i miss you…

most likely he was waiting for Godot…

probably like this:


hahahaha…u is sick

Tabia mbaya in the morning …siungojee till lunch time :rolleyes::rolleyes:

WTF? No wonder you are getting silly dreams

my twinkle toes…still twinkling…? missed u the most.

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forgive my ignorance…Godot ni mnyama yupi?

You need something to replay in your mind till lunch-time. :stuck_out_tongue:

hizo ni funguo ama ni nini?

Keep dreaming.

Godot has never been fathomed…but one thing is clear…he never came (no pun)

always twinkling for you sweetheart…

Dreams do come true. Let’s nduthis.