DRC President Felix kupigwa sweep na Kabila

:D:D:D Huyu prezzo Ni puppet wa Kabila

Waliibia fayulu kura


A country is those 3 ministries. Everything else can be worked out at the grassroots.

But then again, this is Congo. They killed their own son and celebrated it because the Belgians and the CIA said so. It is Africa.

Kabila controls 65% of parliament , this guy had No choice

aah this puts it into context. both situations are just terrible.

Mobutu vs. Lumumba, Kabila Snr. vs. Mobutu, Kabila Jnr. vs. Etienne Tsishekedi, and now Felix cedes to Jnr.

Through all this, the CIA, Belgians and French pull strings in the shadows and always manage to stay out of reach of the bloodstains.

@Wagido hebu kwuomu kiasi.

Both Kabila and Felix are puppets

Enyewe at time unaeza sema iko pahali, though hatuko poa but hii ya DRC, saingine hujui ulie ama ucheke