Drama za muthurwa leo

My day my story …

So today I left Thika kitu 1 p.m boarded a thin road Sacco Nissan Hadi pale athosii side za grogorn…#spelling
Mimi huyo Hadi kamukunji , I was purchasing some kofias there , there are very cheap btw if u intend to do that hustle , god papa u can get at 180, stadii @150, other caps between 80-160/= .

Anyway Mimi nikashika kofia kadhaa someone had ordered m checking time coz it’s already 3 p.m.

pia nahitaji kufika riverroad nikaweka smart phone flani Niko nayo touchscreen… Hapo electronic house woria huziuza 200-350/= only…

On my way back, kufika hapo kamukunji police post , I see a luo man dressed in a classic suit complaining to some bodaboda n passerbyes why he did what he did…so what did he do …

On cross inspection , I realise the luo man is an Uber driver , a mkokoteni guy in muthurwa smashed his back window with his mkoko …

He accessed the damage n it was over kshs 6k , he asked the mkoko man to pay kshs 2500 he will cater for the rest , but the poor mkoko man was not even sober , alikuwa ameshatoa lock (yani amemeza before mututhos time) all he had was 30bob .
. Sijui ama pia nicheke … Mkoko man juu juu Hadi kamukunji … Since I always mind my business I left them there nikasonga Mimi …[ATTACH=full]273709[/ATTACH]

Ulipanda matatu ukitoka home halafu woria akakuuzia personal car 20 bob? Danganya toto jinga.

Very strange tale…

         Mbona unaniona nikama I can't afford this toys ?

Minus the story, hizi kesi za " back window" na mkoko zimekuwa too much.time to consider putting wire mesh kama windsheild Kwa gari ya g4s.

Waarabu wa pemba, hujuana kwa vilemba.

His picha is 5 years old.

Ulinyonya mkoko man prepuce?

If he had comprehensive insurance the windshield and back windows are usually covered for free without it affecting your annual premium !
Saw a similar incident hapo stadi but this time it was a brand new CRV the mkoko guy just ran and watched from a distance knowing the CRV chap wont do much after which he will be on his merry way !

Kubali umebambwa naniiiii:D:D:D:D

Coz we know your 2 wheel chopper

True huwezi shuka ukimbizane nao…they have nothing to loose in the first place…