Drama as Fake pilot who flew military dignitaries and senior officials arrested by DCI

A pilot was arrested by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) officers after he was found to have been operating aircrafts without the requisite professional documentations. The incident which took place at Wilson Airport was said to have been a shocker to military officials who identified the pilots document to be fake prompting them to do a thorough background search.

According to K24 digital news media outlet, Ahmad Nassir Derie is said to have been exposed despite having successfully operated aircrafts since 2007 while carrying senior officials from Kenya and Somalia and vice-versa. The forged certificates were presented to a military Major and a Sergeant at the Wilson Airport military anchor who noticed something a miss.


The Fake pilot on noticing that he had been identified as a quack, he tried to escape from the office but was tackled down by security officers guarding the airport. DCI were called to the scene to effect the arrest and investigate the authenticity of the document in the possession of the culprit.



Fake or not he can fly.

yeah thats the motto, pengine waeke trafffic police kwa mbingu ndio wamsimamishe kucheck docs zake !!

I give it to him, did he alter or utter ?

He has eight years experience he should be rewarded for being a genius.

Ama ni bingwa, oh bingwa ni wa 92

Anyone can become a pilot, io story ya B+ ni upuzi. Wasomali ndio wanacontrol biashara ya aviation Wilson Airport.

The most important thing with pilot are hours that one has spent in the air, 8 years is enough time.
B+ requirement is pure elitism.

Kama amefly miaka 8 poa wanamshikia nini?? Si ako sawa… Sio B+ inaendesha ndege ni yeye

8 years without qualifications? Isn’t 8 years qualifications enough??!!

That nigga ought to be given a medal and placed as a director in Forgeries Detection Agency

The guy is a C plain candidate… I give it him… let him fly he is a go getter.

A lot of people get and do jobs without the necessary qualifications, why should this be any different.

If you ever needed proof that KCSE certification ain’t sh!t…here you go.

some of the parliamentarians, governors etc they have fake “diplomas & degrees certs” but are untouchable na ile uizii wako nayo, Mungu Yuko tu.

Ata ya Joho ni fake

He is qualified. Requirements za kuingia flight school sio B+. Ao ni wivu tu wako nayo.

Case yake yafaa kuwa ni ya kuforge documents za KNEC, sio kuendesha ndege, io ako qualified

hapo nipo na wewe 1000%, in his case, mbona haezi shikwa even after finishing his term.

Was it in pakistan that it came to light, 30% of commercial pilots dont have authentic qualifications?

yeah saw that piece last year i think heh, was shocked :smiley: