Drake in 2015

For the drakes fanatics his new album is allover torrents.am lovin it

If ur listening to this its too late.

It was 3 weeks to late when you posted the listing. And the album is rather boring after a few songs.

drakes albums are among the most pirated albums in the torrent family

@snapdragon iyo ni music player gani?


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Yawa listened to this like 4weeks ago… Not worth a repeat

Sio lazima kila siku torrentz. Another good music source (albums) is http://urbanmusichq.co

Good to knw @Luther.

@Dearro i didnt say i was the first one to listnen to this,usilete uchokora ya klist apa kushidana na kila mtu kujifanya kujua kila kitu.

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I don’t remember trying to compete you. Mafeelings pelekea dem wako.

Quality muhimu. Siku hizi we don’t download if si 320kbps on bitrate

Very true. I always check bitrate even when downloading singles e.g on mp3olimp.net

I borrowed some of those old school i found on your flash. Ziko poa

Hehehe…you’re most welcome pal. A good number of them I’d gotten from mixcrate.com