Dr. Rashid Buttar Dead!


A notorious conspiracy theorist doctor, known for his wild takes on the Coronavirus pandemic, claimed he had been poisoned just a few days before he died.
Dr Rashid Buttar, who was part of the group nicknamed the “Disinformation dozen”, died suddenly yesterday (Saturday, May 20) at the age of 57.
He was known for being a huge anti-vaxxer and became a cult figure during the pandemic.

His theories and misinformation were so well-known that the Centre for Countering Digital Hate named him one of the top 12 people responsible for producing around 65% of all anti-vaccine content between 2020 and 2023.
However, he has now died just days after claiming he had been given a “poison” containing “200 times of what was in the vaccine.”
His cause of death has not been made public, nor has the reason he recently spent time in intensive care.
However, speaking to Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson earlier this month, a very skinny-looking Dr Buttar said: “I went through a very difficult personal health challenge a few months ago.

@Kahuni Maisha, ulikuwa unajua rashid?

I heard his name after his demise, been looking him up though.

I started watching during the COVID breakout todate and have even subscribed to his Telegram channel Telegram: Contact @AdvancedMedicine

He was banned from Youtube a long time ago…


Never heard of this Rashid Mbuta guy. I hope he didn’t check out with covid coz that’ll be a bummer

I hope so too… But anything goes…let us wait and hear more about his probable cause of sudden death… But from video clips we can access publicly, he had actuslly complained of poisoning…

what is the definition of sudden death?

Cover up death

Lol these idiots claim other people’s deaths are sudden and because of vaccines, when it’s one of them they say it’s poisoning.

Mbuta najua ninzenye mama pima Malaya mama @uwesmake hupikia walevi angalau mboro zisimame wamdeenyer

Never heard of dr rashid mbuta

Niliskia amekufa nikaskia mbaya sana he was a voice of reason during the plandemic