Dr Matsanga vs Ojinga (CHATHAM HOUSE VISIT)

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Africa’s son kills rusungu.

Hiyo kisungu ni ya ‘doctor’ kweli?

I guess he writes excitedly, and that’s very annoying, coming from a “doctor”

Too verbose but hard hitting and accurate.

Dr Matanga

Most likely he is ‘an’ doctor.

An doctor

Matsanga, ‘an’ quintessential doctor!


I don’t like the way this…person pokes his nose into Kenyan affairs fwaa like he’s a citizen. I understand he’s a mercenary, but shouldn’t his involvement be restricted to ICC issues only?

That’s how dogs for hire work, he is doing his work very well

Okey… Read but not understood… Need clarification pris

hata nimeshangaa kama matsanga ni shiny eye…kuna mahali ame-drop N…